Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Revenue Department [701] | Agency Listing
Chapter 71 ASSESSMENT PRACTICES AND EQUALIZATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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701.71.1 Classification of real estate.
701.71.2 Assessment and valuation of real estate.
701.71.3 Valuation of agricultural real estate.
701.71.4 Valuation of residential real estate.
701.71.5 Valuation of commercial real estate.
701.71.6 Valuation of industrial land and buildings.
701.71.7 Valuation of industrial machinery.
701.71.8 Abstract of assessment.
701.71.9 Reconciliation report.
701.71.10 Assessment/sales ratio study.
701.71.11 Equalization of assessments by class of property.
701.71.12 Determination of aggregate actual values.
701.71.13 Tentative equalization notices.
701.71.14 Hearings before the department.
701.71.15 Final equalization order and appeals.
701.71.16 Alternative method of implementing equalization orders.
701.71.17 Special session of boards of review.
701.71.18 Judgment of assessors and local boards of review.
701.71.19 Conference boards.
701.71.20 Board of review.
701.71.21 Property assessment appeal board.
701.71.22 Assessors.
701.71.23 Valuation of multiresidential real estate.
701.71.24 Valuation of dual classification property.
701.71.25 Omitted assessments.
701.71.26 Assessor compliance.
701.71.27 Assessor shall not assess own property.
701.71.28 Special counsel.