Iowa Administrative Code - 03/11/2009

Revenue Department [701] | Agency Listing
Chapter 69 LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS— COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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701.69.1 Definitions.
701.69.2 Tax rates—time tax attaches—responsible party—payment of the tax.
701.69.3 Penalty and interest.
701.69.4 Bonding procedure.
701.69.5 Persons authorized to place L.P.G. or C.N.G. in the fuel supply tank of a motor vehicle.
701.69.6 Requirements to be licensed.
701.69.7 Licensed metered pumps.
701.69.8 Single license for each location.
701.69.9 Dealer’s and user’s license nonassignable.
701.69.10 Separate storage—bulk sales—highway use.
701.69.11 Combined storage—bulk sales—highway sales or use.
701.69.12 Exemption certificates.
701.69.13 L.P.G. sold to the state of Iowa, its political subdivisions, contract carriers under contract with public schools to transport pupils or regional transit systems.
701.69.14 Refunds.
701.69.15 Notice of meter seal breakage.
701.69.16 Location of records—L.P.G. or C.N.G. users and dealers.