Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Revenue Department [701] | Agency Listing
Chapter 46 WITHHOLDING | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
Rules PDF RTF Waivers
701.46.1 Who must withhold.
701.46.2 Computation of amount withheld.
701.46.3 Forms, returns and reports.
701.46.4 Withholding on nonresidents.
701.46.5 Penalty and interest.
701.46.6 Withholding tax credit to workforce development fund.
701.46.7 ACE training program credits from withholding.
701.46.8 New job tax credit from withholding.
701.46.9 Supplemental new jobs credit from withholding and alternative credit for housing assistance programs.
701.46.10 Targeted jobs withholding tax credit.