Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Revenue Department [701] | Agency Listing
Chapter 40 DETERMINATION OF NET INCOME | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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701.40.1 Net income defined.
701.40.2 Interest and dividends from federal securities.
701.40.3 Interest and dividends from foreign securities and securities of state and other political subdivisions.
701.40.4 Certain pensions, annuities and retirement allowances.
701.40.5 Military pay.
701.40.6 Interest and dividend income.
701.40.7 Current year capital gains and losses.
701.40.8 Gains and losses on property acquired before January 1, 1934.
701.40.9 Work opportunity tax credit and alcohol and cellulosic biofuel fuels credit.
701.40.10 Exclusion of interest or dividends.
701.40.11 Two-earner married couple deduction.
701.40.12 Income from partnerships or limited liability companies.
701.40.13 Subchapter “S” income.
701.40.14 Contract sales.
701.40.15 Reporting of incomes by married taxpayers who file a joint federal return but elect to file separately for Iowa income tax purposes.
701.40.16 Income of nonresidents.
701.40.17 Income of part-year residents.
701.40.18 Net operating loss carrybacks and carryovers.
701.40.19 Casualty losses.
701.40.20 Adjustments to prior years.
701.40.21 Additional deduction for wages paid or accrued for work done in Iowa by certain individuals.
701.40.22 Disability income exclusion.
701.40.23 Social security benefits.
701.40.24 Lottery prizes.
701.40.25 Certain unemployment benefits received in 1979.
701.40.26 Contributions to the judicial retirement system.
701.40.27 Incomes from distressed sales of qualifying taxpayers.
701.40.28 Losses from passive farming activities.
701.40.29 Intangible drilling costs.
701.40.30 Percentage depletion.
701.40.31 Away-from-home expenses of state legislators.
701.40.32 Interest and dividends from regulated investment companies which are exempt from federal income tax.
701.40.33 Partial exclusion of pensions and annuities for retired and disabled public employees.
701.40.34 Exemption of restitution payments for persons of Japanese ancestry.
701.40.35 Exemption of Agent Orange settlement proceeds received by disabled veterans or beneficiaries of disabled veterans.
701.40.36 Exemption of interest earned on bonds issued to finance beginning farmer loan program.
701.40.37 Exemption of interest from bonds issued by the Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund board.
701.40.38 Capital gain deduction or exclusion for certain types of net capital gains.
701.40.39 Exemption of interest from bonds or notes issued to fund the 911 emergency telephone system.
701.40.40 Exemption of active-duty military pay of national guard personnel and armed forces reserve personnel received for services related to operation desert shield.
701.40.41 Disallowance of private club expenses.
701.40.42 Depreciation of speculative shell buildings.
701.40.43 Retroactive exemption for payments received for providing unskilled in-home health care services to a relative.
701.40.44 Individual development accounts.
701.40.45 Exemption for distributions from pensions, annuities, individual retirement accounts, or deferred compensation plans received by nonresidents of Iowa.
701.40.46 Taxation of compensation of nonresident members of professional athletic teams.
701.40.47 Partial exclusion of pensions and other retirement benefits for disabled individuals, individuals who are 55 years of age or older, surviving spouses, and survivors.
701.40.48 Health insurance premiums deduction.
701.40.49 Employer social security credit for tips.
701.40.50 Computing state taxable amounts of pension benefits from state pension plans.
701.40.51 Exemption of active-duty military pay of national guard personnel and armed forces military reserve personnel for overseas services pursuant to military orders for peacekeeping in the Bosnia-Herzegovina area.
701.40.52 Mutual funds.
701.40.53 Deduction for contributions by taxpayers to the Iowa educational savings plan trust and addition to income for refunds of contributions previously deducted.
701.40.54 Roth individual retirement accounts.
701.40.55 Exemption of income payments for victims of the Holocaust and heirs of victims.
701.40.56 Taxation of income from the sale of obligations of the state of Iowa and its political subdivisions.
701.40.57 Installment sales by taxpayers using the accrual method of accounting.
701.40.58 Exclusion of distributions from retirement plans by national guard members and members of military reserve forces of the United States.
701.40.59 Exemption of payments received by a beneficiary from an annuity purchased under an employee’s retirement plan when the installment has been included as part of a decedent employee’s estate.
701.40.60 Additional first-year depreciation allowance.
701.40.61 Exclusion of active duty pay of national guard members and armed forces military reserve members for service under orders for Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation New Dawn.
701.40.62 Deduction for overnight expenses not reimbursed for travel away from home of more than 100 miles for performance of service as a member of the national guard or armed forces military reserve.
701.40.63 Exclusion of income from military student loan repayments.
701.40.64 Exclusion of death gratuity payable to an eligible survivor of a member of the armed forces, including a member of a reserve component of the armed forces who has died while on active duty.
701.40.65 Section 179 expensing.
701.40.66 Deduction for certain unreimbursed expenses relating to a human organ transplant.
701.40.67 Deduction for alternative motor vehicles.
701.40.68 Injured veterans grant program.
701.40.69 Exclusion of ordinary or capital gain income realized as a result of involuntary conversion of property due to eminent domain.
701.40.70 Exclusion of income from sale, rental or furnishing of tangible personal property or services directly related to production of film, television or video projects.
701.40.71 Exclusion for certain victim compensation payments.
701.40.72 Exclusion of Vietnam Conflict veterans bonus.
701.40.73 Exclusion for health care benefits of nonqualified tax dependents.
701.40.74 Exclusion for AmeriCorps Segal Education Award.
701.40.75 Exclusion of certain amounts received from Iowa veterans trust fund.
701.40.76 Exemption of active duty pay for armed forces, armed forces military reserve, or the national guard.
701.40.77 Exclusion of biodiesel production refund.
701.40.78 Allowance of certain deductions for 2008 tax year.
701.40.79 Special filing provisions related to 2010 tax changes.
701.40.80 Exemption for military retirement pay.
701.40.81 Iowa ABLE savings plan trust.
701.40.82 First-time homebuyer savings accounts.
701.40.83 Like-kind exchanges of personal property completed after December 31, 2017, but before tax periods beginning on or after January 1, 2020.
701.40.84 Broadband infrastructure grant exemption.
701.40.85 Interest expense deduction adjustments.
701.40.86 COVID-19 grant exclusion.