Iowa Administrative Code - 11/29/2023

Medicine Board [653] | Agency Listing
Chapter 13 STANDARDS OF PRACTICE AND PRINCIPLES OF MEDICAL ETHICS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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653.13.1 Standards of practice—packaging, labeling and records of prescription drugs dispensed by a physician.
653.13.2 Standards of practice—appropriate pain management.
653.13.3 Supervision of pharmacists who administer adult immunizations.
653.13.4 Supervision of pharmacists engaged in collaborative drug therapy management.
653.13.5 Standards of practice—chelation therapy.
653.13.6 Standards of practice—automated dispensing systems.
653.13.7 Standards of practice—office practices.
653.13.8 Standards of practice—medical directors at medical spas—delegation and supervision of medical aesthetic services performed by qualified licensed or certified nonphysician persons or qualified laser technicians.
653.13.9 Standards of practice—interventional chronic pain management.
653.13.10 Standards of practice—physicians who prescribe or administer abortion-inducing drugs.
653.13.11 Standards of practice—telemedicine.
653.13.12 Standards of practice—prescribing epinephrine auto-injectors, bronchodilator canisters, bronchodilator canisters and spacers, or opioid antagonists in the name of an authorized facility.
653.13.13 Standards of practice—experimental treatments for patients with a terminal illness.
653.13.14 Standards of practice—tick-borne disease diagnosis and treatment.
653.13.15 Standards of practice—medical cannabidiol.
653.13.16 Abortion prerequisites.
653.13.17 Reserved
653.13.18 Reserved
653.13.19 Reserved
653.13.20 Principles of medical ethics.
653.13.21 Waiver prohibited.