Iowa Administrative Code - 05/05/2010

Public Health Department [641] | Agency Listing
Chapter 99 DELAYED BIRTH, DEATH AND MARRIAGE REGISTRATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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641.99.1 Foundling registration.
641.99.2 Birth registration—five days to one year.
641.99.3 Delayed birth registration—after one year.
641.99.4 Who may file delayed certificate.
641.99.5 Delayed certificate to be signed.
641.99.6 Facts to be established for delayed registration of birth.
641.99.7 Documentary evidence.
641.99.8 Abstraction and certification by state registrar.
641.99.9 Documents returned.
641.99.10 Cancellation after one year.
641.99.11 Duties of county registrar.
641.99.12 Delayed registration of death records.
641.99.13 Delayed registration of marriage records.