Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Lottery Authority, Iowa [531] | Agency Listing
Chapter 14 MONITOR VENDING MACHINES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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531.14.1 License eligibility criteria.
531.14.2 Factors relevant to license issuance.
531.14.3 Definitions.
531.14.4 MVM retailer licenses.
531.14.5 MVM premises license.
531.14.6 Transfer of MVM licenses prohibited.
531.14.7 Expiration of MVM licenses.
531.14.8 Provisional MVM licenses.
531.14.9 MVM placement and operation.
531.14.10 Duplicate licenses.
531.14.11 Reporting changes in circumstances of the MVM licensee.
531.14.12 MVM license not a vested right.
531.14.13 Suspension or revocation of an MVM retailer license.
531.14.14 Suspension or revocation of an MVM premises license.
531.14.15 Methods of service.
531.14.16 Licensee’s obligation.
531.14.17 Calculating the effective date.
531.14.18 Financial responsibility of MVM retailers and MVM distributors.
531.14.19 MVM certification.
531.14.20 Suspension or revocation of certification of an MVM.
531.14.21 Requirements for the sale of tickets.
531.14.22 Ownership of tickets and other property.
531.14.23 MVM retailer compensation.
531.14.24 MVM retailer payment methods.
531.14.25 Dishonored checks and electronic funds transfers.
531.14.26 Inspection of lottery materials and licensed premises.
531.14.27 Payment of MVM ticket prizes.
531.14.28 Ticket sales restrictions.
531.14.29 Transfer of MVMs.
531.14.30 Tax reporting.