Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Racing and Gaming Commission [491] | Agency Listing
Chapter 6 OCCUPATIONAL AND VENDOR LICENSING | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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491.6.1 Definitions.
491.6.2 Occupational licensing.
491.6.3 Waiver of privilege.
491.6.4 License acceptance.
491.6.5 Grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of a license or issuance of a fine.
491.6.6 Applications for license after denial, revocation, or suspension.
491.6.7 Probationary period placed on a license.
491.6.8 Duration of license.
491.6.9 Licensed employees moving from one location to another.
491.6.10 Required report of discharge of licensed employee.
491.6.11 Receipt of certificate of noncompliance from the child support recovery unit.
491.6.12 Receipt of a certificate of noncompliance from the college student aid commission.
491.6.13 Receipt of certificate of noncompliance from the centralized collection unit of the department of revenue.
491.6.14 Vendor’s license.
491.6.15 Applicability of rules—exceptions.
491.6.16 Disclosure of ownership of racing animals.
491.6.17 Owners of racing animals.
491.6.18 Kennel/stable name.
491.6.19 Leases (horse racing only).
491.6.20 Partnerships owning racing animals.
491.6.21 Corporations owning racing animals.
491.6.22 Authorized agents for owner entities of racing animals.
491.6.23 Trainers and assistant trainers of racing animals.
491.6.24 Jockeys and apprentice jockeys.
491.6.25 Jockey agent.
491.6.26 Driver.
491.6.27 Practicing veterinarians.
491.6.28 Alcohol and drug testing.
491.6.29 Time by which owner, jockey and trainer must be licensed.