Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Racing and Gaming Commission [491] | Agency Listing
Chapter 12 ACCOUNTING AND CASH CONTROL | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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491.12.1 Definitions.
491.12.2 Accounting records.
491.12.3 Facility internal controls.
491.12.4 Accounting controls within the cashier’s cage.
491.12.5 Gaming table container.
491.12.6 Accepting currency at gaming tables.
491.12.7 Procedures for the movement of gaming chips to and from gaming tables.
491.12.8 Dropping or opening a gaming table.
491.12.9 Slot machine container and key.
491.12.10 Procedures for hopper fills and attendant payouts.
491.12.11 Attendant and ticket payout accounting.
491.12.12 Computer recording requirements and monitoring of slot machines.
491.12.13 Transportation of containers.
491.12.14 Count room—characteristics.
491.12.15 Opening, counting, and recording contents of containers in the count room.
491.12.16 Electronic wagering accounts.