Iowa Administrative Code - 03/11/2009

Elder Affairs Department [321] | Agency Listing
Chapter 9 RESIDENT ADVOCATE COMMITTEES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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321.9.1 Definitions.
321.9.2 Resident advocate committees established.
321.9.3 Application for committee membership.
321.9.4 Appointment to resident advocate committees.
321.9.5 Objection to and termination of appointments to resident advocate committees.
321.9.6 Request for reconsideration of appointment or termination of appointment.
321.9.7 Resident advocate committee structure and procedures.
321.9.8 Duties of the committee.
321.9.9 Committee access and assistance.
321.9.10 Confidentiality.
321.9.11 Committee response to complaints and grievances.
321.9.12 Complaints referred from the department of inspections and appeals.
321.9.13 Accountability measures.
321.9.14 Reporting statistics.
321.9.15 Severability.