Iowa Administrative Code - 11/29/2023

College Student Aid Commission [283] | Agency Listing
Chapter 21 APPROVAL OF POSTSECONDARY SCHOOLS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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283.21.1 Postsecondary registration, exemption from registration, and participation in the commission-approved reciprocity agreement.
283.21.2 Definitions.
283.21.3 Registration approval criteria.
283.21.4 Additional approval criteria for an applicant school that applies for registration to maintain a fixed location in Iowa.
283.21.5 Additional criteria for an out-of-state applicant school that applies for registration to offer programs via in-person instruction but in a nontraditional format.
283.21.6 Additional approval criteria and exception for an out-of-state applicant school that applies for registration to offer distance education programs.
283.21.7 Recruiting for an out-of-state applicant school’s residential programs from an Iowa location.
283.21.8 Provisional registration.
283.21.9 Duration of registration; application for renewal.
283.21.10 Limitation, denial, or revocation of registration.
283.21.11 School, Iowa site, or program closure.
283.21.12 Initial registration application fees and subsequent annual fees.
283.21.13 Authorization to operate in Iowa for certain nonpublic, nonprofit colleges and universities exempt from registration.
283.21.14 Verification of exemption from registration to operate in Iowa.
283.21.15 Approval criteria for a school seeking to participate or renew participation in a commission-approved interstate reciprocity agreement under Iowa Code chapter .
283.21.16 School closures.