Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Educational Examiners Board [282] | Agency Listing
Chapter 13 ISSUANCE OF TEACHER LICENSES AND ENDORSEMENTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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282.13.1 All applicants desiring Iowa licensure.
282.13.2 Applicants from recognized Iowa institutions.
282.13.3 Applicants from non-Iowa institutions.
282.13.4 Applicants from foreign institutions.
282.13.5 Teacher licenses.
282.13.6 Specific requirements for an initial license.
282.13.7 Specific requirements for a standard license.
282.13.8 Specific requirements for a master educator’s license.
282.13.9 Teacher intern license.
282.13.10 Specific requirements for a Class A extension license.
282.13.11 Specific requirements for a Class B license.
282.13.12 Specific requirements for a Class C license.
282.13.13 Specific requirements for a Class D occupational license.
282.13.14 Specific requirements for a Class E emergency extension license.
282.13.15 Specific requirements for a Class G license.
282.13.16 Specific requirements for a substitute teacher’s license.
282.13.17 Specific requirements for exchange licenses.
282.13.18 General requirements for an original teaching subject area endorsement.
282.13.19 NCATE-accredited programs.
282.13.20 Permanent professional certificates.
282.13.21 Human relations requirements for practitioner licensure.
282.13.22 Development of human relations components.
282.13.23 Reserved
282.13.24 Reserved
282.13.25 Reserved
282.13.26 Requirements for elementary endorsements.
282.13.27 Requirements for middle school endorsements.
282.13.28 Minimum content requirements for teaching endorsements.
282.13.29 Adding, removing or reinstating a teaching endorsement.
282.13.30 Licenses—issue and expiration dates, corrections, duplicates, and fraud.