Iowa Administrative Code - 06/29/2022

Education Department [281] | Agency Listing
Chapter 46 CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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281.46.1 Federal Act accepted.
281.46.2 Definitions.
281.46.3 State board for career and technical education.
281.46.4 Career and technical education service areas.
281.46.5 Standards for career and technical education.
281.46.6 Career and technical education program approval and review.
281.46.7 Accreditation standards not met.
281.46.8 Advisory council.
281.46.9 Distribution of career and technical education funds.
281.46.10 Regional career and technical education planning partnerships.
281.46.11 Career academies.
281.46.12 Regional centers.
281.46.13 Career academy incentive fund.