Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department [21] | Agency Listing
Chapter 91 LICENSED GRAIN DEALERS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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21.91.1 Application of rules.
21.91.2 Definitions.
21.91.3 Application for a grain dealer license.
21.91.4 Grain dealer license not transferable.
21.91.5 Posting of license.
21.91.6 Surrender of license.
21.91.7 Renewal, expiration and reinstatement of license—payment of license and indemnity fund fees.
21.91.8 Financial statements.
21.91.9 Bonds and irrevocable letters of credit.
21.91.10 Payment.
21.91.11 Books and records.
21.91.12 Assignment of contracts.
21.91.13 Filing of monthly grain statement and reports.
21.91.14 Notice to the warehouse bureau.
21.91.15 Shrinkage due to moisture.
21.91.16 Requirements for Class 2 licensees.
21.91.17 Requirements for licensees authorized to issue credit-sale contracts.
21.91.18 Department of agriculture and land stewardship enforcement procedures.
21.91.19 Review proceedings.
21.91.20 Prioritization of inspections of grain dealers.
21.91.21 Claims against credit-sale contract bond.
21.91.22 Electronic grain contracts.
21.91.23 Electronic grain contract providers and provider agreements.
21.91.24 Electronic grain contract users and user agreements.
21.91.25 Electronic grain contracts—issuance and form.
21.91.26 Security of a provider’s electronic central filing system or a licensee’s electronic database.