Iowa Administrative Code - 03/11/2009

Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department [21] | Agency Listing
Chapter 76 MEAT AND POULTRY INSPECTION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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21.76.1 Federal Wholesome Meat Act regulations adopted.
21.76.2 Federal Wholesome Meat Act regulations adopted.
21.76.3 Federal Poultry Products Inspection Act regulations adopted.
21.76.4 Inspection required.
21.76.5 Custom/exempt facilities sanitation standard operating procedures.
21.76.6 Forms and marks.
21.76.7 Registration.
21.76.8 Dead, dying, disabled or diseased animals.
21.76.9 Denaturing and identification of livestock or poultry products not intended for use as human food.
21.76.10 Transportation of decharacterized inedible meat or carcass parts.
21.76.11 Records.
21.76.12 Movement of meat products into the state.
21.76.13 Voluntary inspections of exotic animals.
21.76.14 Federal Wholesome Meat Act regulations adopted for the regulation of farm deer.
21.76.15 Fees.