Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department [21] | Agency Listing
Chapter 66 LIVESTOCK MOVEMENT | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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21.66.1 Definitions and permits.
21.66.2 Animal health sanitation and record-keeping requirements.
21.66.3 Duties and responsibilities of the livestock market management.
21.66.4 Duties and responsibilities of the livestock market veterinary inspector.
21.66.5 Classification of livestock markets and permitholders.
21.66.6 Requirements for state-federal (specifically) approved markets.
21.66.7 Requirements for sale of all bovine animals.
21.66.8 Testing.
21.66.9 Order of sale through auction markets.
21.66.10 Releasing cattle.
21.66.11 Movement of livestock within the state.
21.66.12 Movement of food-producing animals and their products into the state.
21.66.13 Feeder pig dealer bonding/letter of credit requirement and claims procedures.
21.66.14 Intrastate movement requirements.
21.66.15 Reserved
21.66.16 Reserved
21.66.17 Reserved
21.66.18 Reserved
21.66.19 Reserved
21.66.20 Revocation or denial of permit.