Iowa Administrative Code - 02/28/2018

Parole Board [205] | Agency Listing
Chapter 8 PAROLE AND WORK RELEASE CONSIDERATIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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205.8.1 Purpose of parole and work release considerations.
205.8.2 Parole and work release eligibility.
205.8.3 Reserved
205.8.4 Prior forcible felony mandatory minimum sentence.
205.8.5 Risk assessment.
205.8.6 Parole and work release considerations.
205.8.7 Parole and work release information.
205.8.8 Interview notice.
205.8.9 Continuance.
205.8.10 Factors considered in parole and work release decisions.
205.8.11 Information disclosure to inmate.
205.8.12 Interview procedure.
205.8.13 Case review procedure.
205.8.14 Conduct at parole proceedings.
205.8.15 Parole and work release decisions.
205.8.16 Notice of parole and work release decisions.
205.8.17 Parole authorized following work release.