Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Utilities Division [199] | Agency Listing
Chapter 17 ASSESSMENTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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199.17.1 Purpose.
199.17.2 Definitions.
199.17.3 Expenses to be included in direct assessments.
199.17.4 Direct assessments under Iowa Code section .
199.17.5 Reporting of operating revenues.
199.17.6 Compilation and billing of assessment.
199.17.7 Funding of Iowa energy center and center for global and regional environmental research.
199.17.8 Assessments under Iowa Code section 476.95B.
199.17.9 Assessments of expenses for dual party relay service program and equipment distribution program.
199.17.10 Objection procedures.
199.17.11 Refunds.