Iowa Administrative Code - 05/05/2010

Interior Design Examining Board [193G] | Agency Listing
Chapter 1 DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193G.1.1 Definitions.
193G.1.2 Description.
193G.1.3 Organization and duties.
193G.1.4 Meetings.
193G.1.5 Other meetings.
193G.1.6 Order of business.
193G.1.7 Administrative committees.
193G.1.8 Public records and fair information practices.
193G.1.9 Sales and leases of goods and services.
193G.1.10 Petitions for rule making.
193G.1.11 Declaratory orders.
193G.1.12 Denial of issuance or renewal of registration for nonpayment of child support or student loans.
193G.1.13 Waivers and variances.
193G.1.14 Investigation and investigatory subpoenas.
193G.1.15 Contested case procedures.
193G.1.16 Impaired registrants.