Iowa Administrative Code - 11/30/2022

Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board [193F] | Agency Listing
Chapter 20 CONTESTED CASES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193F.20.1 Definitions.
193F.20.2 Scope and applicability of the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure.
193F.20.3 Commencement of a contested case and probable cause.
193F.20.4 Informal settlement.
193F.20.5 Statement of charges.
193F.20.6 Notice of hearing.
193F.20.7 Legal representation.
193F.20.8 Requests for contested case proceeding.
193F.20.9 Form of answer.
193F.20.10 Presiding officer.
193F.20.11 Time requirements.
193F.20.12 Waiver of procedures.
193F.20.13 Telephone and electronic proceedings.
193F.20.14 Disqualification.
193F.20.15 Consolidation—severance.
193F.20.16 Amendments.
193F.20.17 Service and filing of pleadings and other papers.
193F.20.18 Discovery.
193F.20.19 Issuance of subpoenas in a contested case.
193F.20.20 Motions.
193F.20.21 Prehearing conference and disclosures.
193F.20.22 Continuances.
193F.20.23 Withdrawals.
193F.20.24 Intervention.
193F.20.25 Hearings.
193F.20.26 Evidence.
193F.20.27 Default.
193F.20.28 Ex parte communication.
193F.20.29 Recording costs.
193F.20.30 Final decisions, publication and client notification.
193F.20.31 Interlocutory appeals.
193F.20.32 Appeals and review.
193F.20.33 Applications for rehearing.
193F.20.34 Stays of board actions.
193F.20.35 No factual dispute contested cases.
193F.20.36 Emergency adjudicative proceedings.
193F.20.37 Judicial review.
193F.20.38 Reinstatement.
193F.20.39 Hearing on license denial.
193F.20.40 Denial of application to renew license.
193F.20.41 Recovery of hearing fees and expenses.
193F.20.42 Settlement after notice of hearing.