Iowa Administrative Code - 11/30/2022

Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board [193F] | Agency Listing
Chapter 11 CONTINUING EDUCATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193F.11.1 Definitions.
193F.11.2 Continuing education requirements.
193F.11.3 Rescinded
193F.11.4 Minimum program qualifications.
193F.11.5 Standards for provider and program approval.
193F.11.6 Acceptable distance education courses.
193F.11.7 Applications for approval of programs.
193F.11.8 Waiver of application fees.
193F.11.9 Authority to approve education.
193F.11.10 Appraiser request for preapproval of continuing education programs.
193F.11.11 Appraiser request for postapproval of continuing education program.
193F.11.12 Review of provider or program.
193F.11.13 Hearings.