Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Credit Union Division [189] | Agency Listing
Chapter 5 DEBT CANCELLATION PRODUCTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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189.5.1 Authority and purpose.
189.5.2 Definitions.
189.5.3 Debt cancellation products.
189.5.4 Prohibited practices.
189.5.5 Refunds of fees in the event of termination or prepayment of the covered loan.
189.5.6 Method of payment of fees.
189.5.7 Disclosures.
189.5.8 Affirmative election to purchase and acknowledgment of receipt of disclosure.
189.5.9 Short-form disclosure.
189.5.10 Long-form disclosure.
189.5.11 Safe and sound practices.
189.5.12 Exception for Guarantee Automobile Protection or Guarantee Asset Protection (GAP) and other debt cancellation products offered by credit unions through unaffiliated, nonexclusive agents.