Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Credit Union Division [189] | Agency Listing
Chapter 12 VOTES OF THE MEMBERSHIP | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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189.12.1 Voting requirements and eligibility.
189.12.2 Voting procedures.
189.12.3 Voting methods and requirements.
189.12.4 Specific voting requirements for the board of directors elections.
189.12.5 Specific election procedures for the board of directors elections.
189.12.6 Vote to amend bylaws or articles of incorporation.
189.12.7 Specific voting requirements to modify, amend, or reverse an act of the board of directors or to instruct the board to take action.
189.12.8 Specific voting requirements regarding merger.
189.12.9 Specific voting requirements for voluntary dissolution.
189.12.10 Specific voting requirements to remove or reinstate an officer, director, or member of the auditing committee.
189.12.11 Preservation of ballots.
189.12.12 Reporting the results of the vote to the membership.
189.12.13 Specific voting requirements for the sale of assets by corporate central credit union.
189.12.14 Vote on conversion of an Iowa-chartered credit union to another charter type.