Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Civil Rights Commission [161] | Agency Listing
Chapter 9 DISCRIMINATION IN HOUSING | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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161.9.1 Construction of chapter.
161.9.2 Definitions.
161.9.3 Interpretation of various housing provisions.
161.9.4 Interpretation of provisions affecting court actions regarding alleged discriminatory housing or real estate practices occurring after July 1, 1991.
161.9.5 Commission procedures regarding complaints based on alleged unfair or discriminatory practices occurring after July 1, 1991.
161.9.6 Discovery methods in cases of alleged discrimination in housing.
161.9.7 Scope of discovery.
161.9.8 Protective orders.
161.9.9 Interrogatories.
161.9.10 Requests for admission.
161.9.11 Effect of admission.
161.9.12 Production of documents and things and entry upon land for inspection and other purposes.
161.9.13 Procedures for documents and inspections.
161.9.14 Physical and mental examination of persons.
161.9.15 Report of health care practitioner.
161.9.16 Consequences of failure to make discovery.
161.9.17 Depositions upon oral examination.
161.9.18 Notice for oral deposition.
161.9.19 Conduct of oral deposition.
161.9.20 Reading and signing depositions.
161.9.21 Certification and return; copies.
161.9.22 Before whom taken.
161.9.23 Deposition subpoena.
161.9.24 Costs of taking deposition.
161.9.25 Irregularities and objections.
161.9.26 Service of discovery.
161.9.27 Appeals.
161.9.28 Representation of commission.