Published Rule-Making Documents - 11/22/2017

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Digest Fiscal
3461C Insurance Division[191] Notice of Intended Action Iowa stopgap measure, rescind ch 82 12/12/201712/07/2017
3462C Insurance Division[191] Notice of Termination Iowa stopgap measure, 82.7 to 82.14 12/12/201712/07/2017
3456C Utilities Division[199] Notice of Intended Action Nonutility activities—record keeping and cost allocations, 33.2, 33.3(2), 33.4 to 33.7 12/12/201712/07/2017
3457C Utilities Division[199] Notice of Intended Action Nonutility services, 34.4 12/12/201712/07/2017
3469C Utilities Division[199] Adopted and Filed Renewable energy percentage verification, ch 30 12/12/201712/07/2017
3463C Economic Development Authority[261] Adopted and Filed Iowa jobs training program, amendments to ch 7 12/12/201712/07/2017
3459C Human Services Department[441] Notice of Intended Action Special population nursing facility criteria—increase in age limit, inclusion of residents in an intermediate care facility for persons with medical complexity, 81.1, 82.1 12/12/201712/07/2017
3458C Natural Resources Department[561] Notice of Intended Action Description of organization, ch 1 12/12/201712/07/2017
3460C Public Health Department[641] Notice of Intended Action Local substitute medical decision-making boards, rescind ch 85 12/12/201712/07/2017
3455C Professional Licensure Division[645] Notice of Intended Action Physician assistant practice—sharing of information about complaints, 327.8 12/12/201712/07/2017
3464C Medicine Board[653] Adopted and Filed Fees, 8.1, 8.2(2)“f,” 8.3, 8.4, 8.5(1)“d,” 8.7, 8.9 12/12/201712/07/2017
3465C Nursing Board[655] Adopted and Filed Licensure, 3.7 12/12/201712/07/2017
3466C Public Safety Department[661] Adopted and Filed Standards for electrical work—2017 National Electrical Code (NEC), 504.1 12/12/201712/07/2017
3467C Secretary of State[721] Adopted and Filed Fee increases to fund technology modernization fund, amendments to chs 2, 30, 40 12/12/201712/07/2017
3468C Secretary of State[721] Adopted and Filed Polling place technology revolving loan fund; electronic poll books, amendments to ch 22 12/12/201712/07/2017