Published Rule-Making Documents - 03/13/2019

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Fiscal
4340C Soil Conservation and Water Quality Division[27] Adopted and Filed Increase in eligible costs of certain soil erosion control and water protection practices, 10.20, 10.60(1)“b,” 12.84 04/05/2019
4331C Credit Union Division[189] Notice of Intended Action Board of directors meetings; branch applications, 2.8, 2.9, 6.1 04/05/201904/05/2019
4326C Insurance Division[191] Notice of Intended Action Unfair trade practices—standards for annuity illustrations, 15.66 04/05/201904/05/2019
4332C Insurance Division[191] Filed Emergency After Notice Short-term limited-duration health insurance policies, 35.23, 36.4(17), 36.6(11), 36.7(13) 04/05/201904/05/2019
4333C Arts Division[222] Adopted and Filed Artsafe and art in state buildings programs, rescind chs 12, 13 04/05/2019
4330C Historical Division[223] Notice of Intended Action State historical society award programs, 21.2, 21.3 04/05/201904/05/2019
4329C Economic Development Authority[261] Notice of Intended Action Community attraction and tourism programs, amendments to chs 211, 213 04/05/201904/05/2019
4336C Human Services Department[441] Adopted and Filed State supplementary assistance—assistance standards definition, cost-of-living adjustments, 51.4(1), 51.7, 52.1 04/05/201904/05/2019
4328C Inspections and Appeals Department[481] Notice of Intended Action Subacute mental health care facilities, amendments to ch 71 04/05/201904/05/2019
4337C Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System[495] Adopted and Filed Contribution rates; sick and compensatory time; bona fide funds; vesting; service credit and purchases; IRC Section 415 testing; beneficiaries; alternate payees; overpayments and underpayments, amendments to chs 4, 6 to 9, 11, 12, 14, 16 04/05/2019
4327C Management Department[541] Notice of Intended Action Calculating net general fund revenues, ch 15 04/05/201904/05/2019
4334C City Finance Committee[545] Adopted and Filed Transfers of moneys between funds, 2.1, 2.5(1) 04/05/2019
4335C Environmental Protection Commission[567] Adopted and Filed Air quality, amendments to chs 20, 22, 23, 25 04/05/2019
4338C Medicine Board[653] Adopted and Filed Training requirements for chronic pain management and end-of-life care for permanent or special license renewal; definition of “opioid,” 11.1, 11.4(1) 04/05/201904/05/2019
4339C Medicine Board[653] Adopted and Filed Licensure of genetic counselors, ch 20 04/05/201904/05/2019
4348C Secretary of State[721] Adopted and Filed Primary election—nominations by write-in votes for certain offices, rescind 21.602 04/05/201904/05/2019
4325C Transportation Department[761] Notice of Intended Action Petition submission methods; oral presentation information; office name and address updates, amendments to chs 10 to 12 04/05/201904/05/2019
4341C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed Procurement of equipment, materials, supplies and services; exemptions from competition with private enterprise, amendments to chs 20, 25 04/05/201904/05/2019
4342C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed Public improvement quotation process—retained funds, amendments to ch 180 04/05/201904/05/2019
4343C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed Motor vehicle dealer licensing for final-stage manufacturers; business records; security interest notation on certificate of title, 400.1, 400.4, 400.8(2), 425.10(3)“c,” 425.11 to 425.13 04/05/201904/05/2019
4344C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed Initial application for firefighter plates, 401.9(1) 04/05/201904/05/2019
4345C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed Permitted tandem axle weights, 511.13(6) 04/05/201904/05/2019
4346C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed For-hire intrastate motor carrier authority, 524.1 to 524.6, 524.7(2), 524.8, 524.11, 524.12(1)“b,” 524.15, 524.18 04/05/201904/05/2019
4347C Transportation Department[761] Adopted and Filed Operating while intoxicated revocations—issuance of temporary restricted license, installation of ignition interlock device, 620.3 04/05/201904/05/2019