Published Rule-Making Documents - 02/27/2019

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Fiscal
4315C Utilities Division[199] Notice of Intended Action Approval of appraiser for municipal utilities, 32.10 03/08/201903/04/2019
4319C Iowa Finance Authority[265] Adopted and Filed Changes to address of authority, amendments to chs 1, 7, 9, 13, 15 to 18, 22, 30, 31, 37, 44 03/04/2019
4314C Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department[605] Notice of Intended Action Authorized flood project fund expenditures, 14.8(1) 03/08/201903/04/2019
4321C Professional Licensure Division[645] Adopted and Filed Podiatrists, orthotists, prosthetists, and pedorthists—continuing education, practice, discipline, 222.3, 223.5, 224.2(32) 03/08/201903/04/2019
4316C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Taxable sales—services treated as sales of tangible personal property, prepaid merchandise cards, photograph and retouching services, 16.51, 16.52, 26.17 03/08/201903/04/2019
4322C Revenue Department[701] Adopted and Filed Delivery sales of alternative nicotine products or vapor products, amendments to ch 82 03/08/201903/04/2019
4323C Revenue Department[701] Adopted and Filed Local option sales and services tax, amendments to ch 107 03/08/201903/04/2019
4324C Revenue Department[701] Adopted and Filed Sourcing of taxable services, tangible personal property, and specified digital products, amendments to ch 223 03/08/201903/04/2019
4313C Transportation Department[761] Notice of Intended Action Nonoperator’s identification, 630.1(2), 630.2 03/08/201903/04/2019
4317C Transportation Department[761] Notice of Intended Action Tourist-oriented directional signing, 119.1, 119.2, 119.4(1)“a,” 119.5(4), 119.6 03/08/201903/04/2019
4318C Labor Services Division[875] Notice of Intended Action Occupational safety and health—penalties, reporting, adoption by reference, 3.11(1), 4.3(1)“h” 03/08/201903/04/2019
4320C Labor Services Division[875] Adopted and Filed Federal occupational safety and health standards for crane operator training—adoption by reference, 26.1 03/08/201903/04/2019
4312C Workers’ Compensation Division[876] Notice of Intended Action Payroll tax tables, 8.8 03/08/201903/04/2019