Published Rule-Making Documents - 02/15/2017

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Digest Fiscal
2953C Soil Conservation and Water Quality Division[27] Adopted and Filed Contracts for public improvements—invitation for bids, solicitation of quotations, 6.2 03/08/2017
2941C Landscape Architectural Examining Board[193D] Notice of Intended Action Description of organization; examinations and licensing; rules of professional conduct, amendments to chs 1, 2, 4 03/10/201703/08/2017
2954C Utilities Division[199] Adopted and Filed Telecommunications services, amendments to ch 22 03/10/201703/08/2017
2938C Economic Development Authority[261] Notice of Intended Action Small business innovation research and technology transfer outreach program; 106.2(2), 106.3, 106.4, 106.5(2), 106.6, 106.7 03/10/201703/08/2017
2944C Economic Development Authority[261] Adopted and Filed Historic preservation and cultural and entertainment district tax credits, ch 49 03/10/201703/08/2017
2939C Education Department[281] Notice of Intended Action Programs for at-risk early elementary students, ch 65 03/10/201703/08/2017
2945C Education Department[281] Adopted and Filed Community college accreditation, 24.3, 24.5 03/10/201703/08/2017
2946C Education Department[281] Adopted and Filed Educational standards and program requirements for children's residential facilities, ch 35 03/10/201703/08/2017
2947C Education Department[281] Adopted and Filed Career and technical education; career academies, rescind chs 46, 47; adopt ch 46 03/10/201703/08/2017
2948C Education Department[281] Adopted and Filed Standards for practitioner and administrator preparation programs, 79.13(4), 79.15 03/10/201703/08/2017
2943C College Student Aid Commission[283] Adopted and Filed All Iowa opportunity scholarship program; Iowa teacher shortage loan forgiveness program, amendments to chs 8, 35 03/08/2017
2949C Environmental Protection Commission[567] Adopted and Filed Air quality, amendments to chs 20 to 23, 25 to 28, 31, 33 03/10/201703/08/2017
2937C Natural Resource Commission[571] Notice of Intended Action Waterfowl, coot and dove hunting; falconry, amendments to chs 91, 97, 102 03/10/201703/08/2017
2951C Natural Resource Commission[571] Adopted and Filed Turtle harvesting, amendments to ch 86 03/10/201703/08/2017
2952C Professional Licensure Division[645] Adopted and Filed Licensure of chiropractic physicians, amendments to ch 41 03/10/201703/08/2017
2950C Medicine Board[653] Adopted and Filed Licensure of acupuncturists, amendments to ch 17 03/10/201703/08/2017
2942C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Facilitating business rapid response to state-declared disasters, amend chs 12, 32, 39, 40, 46, 52 to 54, 80, 241; adopt ch 242 03/10/201703/08/2017
2940C Workers’ Compensation Division[876] Notice of Intended Action Payroll tax tables, 8.8 03/10/201703/08/2017