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Information regarding waivers granted by executive branch agencies. A waiver is an exception or exemption from the requirements of an administrative rule. A person may request a waiver from the executive branch agency that adopted the administrative rule. Waiver information reflected in these results is prepared by executive branch agencies and may not reflect current language in the Iowa Administrative Code.

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Agency Agency-Chapter.Rule(Subrule) Paragraph Topic Submitted Approved Denied
Environmental Protection Commission 567-22.1(1) Permits required for new or existing stationary sources. 11 11 0
Environmental Protection Commission 567-22.1(1) Permitting requirements for country grain elevators, country grain terminal elevators, grain terminal elevators and feed mill equipment. 1 1 0
Environmental Protection Commission 567-22.1(1)"1" Permits required for new or existing stationary sources. 1 1 0