Senate File 381 - Reprinted SENATE FILE 381 BY COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION (SUCCESSOR TO SF 24) (As Amended and Passed by the Senate March 14, 2023 ) A BILL FOR An Act regarding special minor’s driver’s licenses, and making 1 penalties applicable. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 SF 381 (3) 90 th/ns/mb
S.F. 381 Section 1. Section 321.194, subsection 2, paragraph a, 1 subparagraph (1), subparagraph division (b), Code 2023, is 2 amended to read as follows: 3 (b) Over the most direct and accessible route between 4 the licensee’s residence or school of enrollment and a site, 5 facility, or school that is not the licensee’s school of 6 enrollment, for the purpose of participating in extracurricular 7 activities conducted under a sharing agreement with the 8 licensee’s school of enrollment or conducted at a site, 9 facility, or school designated by the licensee’s school 10 district for the accommodation of the school’s extracurricular 11 activities, provided the site, facility, or school is within 12 the licensee’s school district of enrollment or is within a 13 school district contiguous to the licensee’s school district of 14 enrollment driving distance between the point of origin and the 15 destination is no more than fifty miles . 16 Sec. 2. Section 321.194, subsection 2, paragraph a, Code 17 2023, is amended by adding the following new subparagraph: 18 NEW SUBPARAGRAPH . (04) If the licensee is otherwise 19 employed, the licensee may operate a motor vehicle during the 20 hours of 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. over the most direct and 21 accessible route between the licensee’s residence or school of 22 enrollment and the licensee’s place of employment, provided the 23 driving distance between the licensee’s place of employment 24 and the nearest point on the route on which the licensee is 25 authorized to travel under subparagraph (1), subparagraph 26 division (a), or subparagraph (2), subparagraph division (a), 27 is no more than fifty miles. 28 Sec. 3. Section 321.194, subsection 2, paragraph a, 29 subparagraph (4), Code 2023, is amended to read as follows: 30 (4) To a service station for the purpose of refueling, so 31 long as the service station is the station closest to the route 32 on which the licensee is traveling under subparagraph (1), (2), 33 or (3) this paragraph . 34 Sec. 4. Section 321.194, subsection 3, paragraphs b and c, 35 -1- SF 381 (3) 90 th/ns/mb 1/ 2
S.F. 381 Code 2023, are amended to read as follows: 1 b. Upon receipt of a statement of necessity, the department 2 shall issue the driver’s license provided the applicant is 3 otherwise eligible for issuance of the license. The fact that 4 the applicant resides at a distance less than one mile from the 5 applicant’s school of enrollment is prima facie evidence of 6 the nonexistence of necessity for the issuance of a license. 7 However, the distance between the applicant’s residence and 8 school of enrollment shall not be considered if the applicant 9 resides on a farm or is employed for compensation on a farm. 10 c. The school shall develop and adopt a policy establishing 11 the criteria that the school shall use to approve or deny 12 certification that a need exists for a license. The adopted 13 policy must require the school to approve certification that 14 a need exists for a license for a student who participates in 15 an extracurricular activity, resides on a farm, is employed 16 for compensation on a farm in this state, or is otherwise 17 employed. If the school is a public school, the policy 18 shall be developed and adopted by the school board. If the 19 school is an accredited nonpublic school, the policy shall be 20 developed and adopted according to procedures determined by the 21 authorities in charge of the accredited nonpublic school. 22 -2- SF 381 (3) 90 th/ns/mb 2/ 2