House File 2485 - Reprinted HOUSE FILE 2485 BY COMMITTEE ON JUDICIARY (SUCCESSOR TO HSB 676) (As Amended and Passed by the House March 9, 2022 ) A BILL FOR An Act relating to access to confidential records of the 1 commission on judicial qualifications by standing committees 2 of the general assembly. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 HF 2485 (2) 89 cm/jh/md
H.F. 2485 Section 1. Section 602.2103, Code 2022, is amended to read 1 as follows: 2 602.2103 Operation of commission. 3 A quorum of the commission is four members. Only those 4 commission members that are present at commission meetings 5 or hearings may vote. An application by the commission to 6 the supreme court to retire, discipline, or remove a judicial 7 officer, or discipline or remove an employee of the judicial 8 branch, or an action by the commission which affects the final 9 disposition of a complaint, requires the affirmative vote of 10 at least four commission members. Notwithstanding chapter 21 11 and chapter 22 , all records, papers, proceedings, meetings, 12 and hearings of the commission are confidential, but if the 13 commission applies to the supreme court to retire, discipline, 14 or remove a judicial officer, or to discipline or remove an 15 employee of the judicial branch, the application and all of the 16 records and papers in that proceeding are public documents. 17 If an investigation by any standing committee of the general 18 assembly is undertaken pursuant to section 2.15, subsection 19 1, paragraph “b” , related to a charge that was brought before 20 the commission, the standing committee shall have access to 21 confidential information held by the commission, including 22 all documents and actions taken regarding the issue under 23 investigation by the standing committee. 24 -1- HF 2485 (2) 89 cm/jh/md 1/ 1