House File 2165 - Reprinted HOUSE FILE 2165 BY COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION (SUCCESSOR TO HSB 541) (COMPANION TO LSB 5241SV BY COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION) (As Amended and Passed by the House March 2, 2022 ) A BILL FOR An Act relating to employment, including modifying provisions 1 related to the list of high-demand jobs created by community 2 colleges and students who are eligible to receive a 3 scholarship from the future ready Iowa skilled workforce 4 last-dollar scholarship fund. 5 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 6 HF 2165 (2) 89 jda/jh/md
H.F. 2165 Section 1. Section 84A.1B, subsection 14, unnumbered 1 paragraph 1, Code 2022, is amended to read as follows: 2 Create, and update as necessary, a list of high-demand jobs 3 statewide for purposes of the future ready Iowa registered 4 apprenticeship programs created in chapter 15C , the summer 5 youth intern pilot program established under section 84A.12 , 6 the Iowa employer innovation program established under section 7 84A.13 , the future ready Iowa skilled workforce last-dollar 8 scholarship program established under section 261.131 , the 9 future ready Iowa skilled workforce grant program established 10 under section 261.132 , and postsecondary summer classes 11 for high school students as provided under section 261E.8, 12 subsection 8 . In addition to the list created by the workforce 13 development board under this subsection , each community 14 college, in consultation with regional career and technical 15 education planning partnerships, and with the approval of the 16 board of directors of the community college, may identify and 17 maintain a list of not more than five regional high-demand jobs 18 in the community college region, and shall share the lists 19 with the workforce development board. The lists submitted by 20 community colleges under the subsection may be used in that 21 community college region for purposes of programs identified 22 under this subsection . The workforce development board 23 shall have full discretion to select and prioritize statewide 24 high-demand jobs after consulting with business and education 25 stakeholders, as appropriate, and seeking public comment. The 26 workforce development board may add to the list of high-demand 27 jobs as it deems necessary. For purposes of this subsection , 28 “high-demand job” means a job in the state that the workforce 29 development board, or a community college in accordance 30 with this subsection , has identified in accordance with this 31 subsection . In creating a list under this subsection , the 32 following criteria, at a minimum, shall apply to the list of 33 high-demand jobs created by the workforce development board but 34 not a list created by a community college : 35 -1- HF 2165 (2) 89 jda/jh/md 1/ 2
H.F. 2165 Sec. 2. Section 261.131, subsection 1, paragraph g, 1 subparagraph (1), subparagraph division (a), Code 2022, is 2 amended to read as follows: 3 (a) A graduate of an Iowa high school, or a person who 4 completed private instruction under chapter 299A , or a person 5 who is a recipient of a high school equivalency diploma, and 6 who prior to becoming an adult learner enrolls full-time or 7 part-time during the academic year , or part-time for a summer 8 semester , in an eligible program at an eligible institution. 9 -2- HF 2165 (2) 89 jda/jh/md 2/ 2