House File 475 - Reprinted HOUSE FILE 475 BY COMMITTEE ON NATURAL RESOURCES (SUCCESSOR TO HF 210) (As Amended and Passed by the House March 13, 2017 ) A BILL FOR An Act relating to the use of a straight wall cartridge rifle 1 to hunt deer and including penalties. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 HF 475 (3) 87 av/nh/md
H.F. 475 Section 1. Section 481A.48, Code 2017, is amended by adding 1 the following new subsection: 2 NEW SUBSECTION . 6. The commission shall adopt rules 3 pursuant to chapter 17A allowing the use of straight wall 4 cartridge rifles to hunt deer as follows: 5 a. A straight wall cartridge rifle may be used to hunt deer 6 during youth and disabled deer hunting season and first and 7 second shotgun deer hunting seasons by a person who has a valid 8 deer hunting license and is otherwise qualified to hunt. 9 b. A straight wall cartridge rifle that is allowed pursuant 10 to this subsection shall be of the same caliber and use the 11 same straight wall ammunition as is allowed for use in a pistol 12 or revolver for hunting deer as provided in subsection 5. 13 In addition, the commission shall provide, by rule, for the 14 use of straight wall ammunition under this subsection that 15 meets ballistics specifications similar to the requirements 16 for straight wall ammunition allowed for use in a pistol or 17 revolver for hunting deer as provided in subsection 5. 18 c. A person possessing a prohibited rifle while hunting deer 19 commits a scheduled violation under section 805.8B, subsection 20 3, paragraph “h” , subparagraph (6). In addition, the hunting 21 privileges of a person convicted of possessing a prohibited 22 rifle while hunting deer shall be suspended for two years. 23 Sec. 2. Section 805.8B, subsection 3, paragraph h, Code 24 2017, is amended by adding the following new subparagraph: 25 NEW SUBPARAGRAPH . (6) Possession of a prohibited rifle 26 while hunting deer, the scheduled fine is two hundred fifty 27 dollars. 28 -1- HF 475 (3) 87 av/nh/md 1/ 1