Senate File 394 - Reprinted SENATE FILE 394 BY COMMITTEE ON JUDICIARY (SUCCESSOR TO SF 238) (As Amended and Passed by the Senate March 17, 2015 ) A BILL FOR An Act relating to responsibilities for expenses for the 1 safekeeping and maintenance of prisoners by counties and 2 cities. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 SF 394 (2) 86 aw/rj/jh
S.F. 394 Section 1. Section 356.15, Code 2015, is amended to read as 1 follows: 2 356.15 Expenses. 3 1. a. All charges and expenses for the safekeeping and 4 maintenance of prisoners , as described in section 356.5, after 5 an initial appearance before a magistrate required under 6 section 804.21 or 804.22 shall be allowed paid for by the board 7 of supervisors, except those committed or detained by the 8 authority of the courts of the United States, in which cases 9 the United States must pay such expenses to the county, or 10 those committed for violation of a city ordinance, in which 11 case the city shall pay expenses to the county, or those 12 committed or detained from another state, in which case the 13 governmental entity from the other state sending the prisoners 14 shall pay expenses to the county. 15 b. For a prisoner who receives medical aid at a hospital 16 or other medical facility and is eligible for Medicaid or 17 is insured by a third-party payer, the hospital or medical 18 facility shall first bill Medicaid or the prisoner’s insurer. 19 If the prisoner is not eligible for Medicaid and is not 20 insured, the hospital or medical facility shall bill the 21 prisoner. If a prisoner fails to pay the expenses for medical 22 aid, the hospital or other medical facility shall, through all 23 reasonable means, attempt to collect from the prisoner the 24 amount charged. If the hospital or other medical facility 25 is unable to collect from the prisoner, after exhausting 26 all reasonable means of collection, the applicable board 27 of supervisors, city council, state agency, or the United 28 States shall pay the expenses for the medical aid, as required 29 pursuant to paragraph “a” . 30 2. All charges and expenses for the safekeeping and 31 maintenance of a prisoner before an initial appearance before 32 a magistrate shall be paid for by the governmental entity 33 responsible for arresting the prisoner if the charges and 34 expenses are not otherwise billed and collected as provided in 35 -1- SF 394 (2) 86 aw/rj/jh 1/ 2
S.F. 394 subsection 1, paragraph “b” . 1 Sec. 2. Section 804.28, Code 2015, is amended to read as 2 follows: 3 804.28 Department of public safety prisoners Sheriff to 4 accept custody . 5 1. The sheriff of any county shall accept for custody in 6 the county jail of the sheriff’s respective county any person 7 handed over to the sheriff for safekeeping and lodging by any 8 of the following: 9 a. Any member of the department of public safety. 10 b. Any member of any law enforcement agency within the 11 county after a magistrate has committed the person to bail 12 pursuant to section 804.21 or 804.22. 13 2. The county shall not be liable for medical treatment for 14 injuries incurred by a person before the person is transferred 15 to the custody of the sheriff. Medical treatment for injuries 16 experienced by a person before the person is transferred to 17 the custody of the sheriff shall be the liability of the 18 governmental entity responsible for arresting the person if the 19 medical treatment expenses are not billed to and collected from 20 the person or an insurer. Any expenses payable by the state 21 pursuant to this section shall be paid out of any moneys in 22 the state treasury not otherwise appropriated. The expenses 23 payable by the state shall be paid on claims filed with the 24 department of administrative services. 25 3. For the purposes of this section “custody” is defined to 26 begin at the conclusion of a person’s initial appearance before 27 a magistrate under section 804.21 or 804.22 unless defined 28 otherwise in an agreement between the county and another 29 governmental entity responsible for making an individual 30 arrest. 31 Sec. 3. IMPLEMENTATION OF ACT. Section 25B.2, subsection 32 3, shall not apply to this Act. 33 -2- SF 394 (2) 86 aw/rj/jh 2/ 2