Senate File 2225 - Reprinted SENATE FILE 2225 BY COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION (SUCCESSOR TO SSB 3044) (As Amended and Passed by the Senate March 2, 2016 ) A BILL FOR An Act relating to assessing and reporting of potential 1 concussions or brain injuries in certain extracurricular 2 interscholastic athletic contests. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 SF 2225 (3) 86 je/rj/jh
S.F. 2225 Section 1. Section 280.13C, Code 2016, is amended by adding 1 the following new subsection: 2 NEW SUBSECTION . 3A. a. The home team in an extracurricular 3 interscholastic contest in which high school athletic teams 4 participate in a collision sport shall ensure that a contest 5 health care professional is present and available to assess 6 athletic injuries at such contest. 7 b. The home team in an extracurricular interscholastic 8 contest in which high school athletic teams participate in a 9 contact sport is strongly encouraged to ensure that a contest 10 health care professional is present and available to assess 11 athletic injuries at such contest. 12 c. If an athlete who is a member of a visiting team in an 13 extracurricular interscholastic contest at which a contest 14 health care professional is present and available to assess 15 athletic injuries as provided in this section shows signs, 16 symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion or brain 17 injury, the contest health care professional shall notify the 18 visiting team’s athletic director within forty-eight hours 19 after the contest occurs. 20 d. A contest health care professional must have completed 21 specific education or training in sports medicine or emergency 22 care and must provide evidence of such specific education or 23 training to the high school of the home team prior to serving 24 as a contest health care professional. Such education or 25 training may be gained through education, continuing education, 26 or professional experience. 27 e. The department of education shall adopt rules pursuant 28 to chapter 17A establishing a process whereby a high school 29 may apply for an annual waiver of the requirements of this 30 section from the department and receive such a waiver if the 31 high school demonstrates a good-faith effort to comply with the 32 requirements of this section and an inability to do so due to a 33 regional shortage of contest health care professionals. 34 f. The department of education, the Iowa high school 35 -1- SF 2225 (3) 86 je/rj/jh 1/ 2
S.F. 2225 athletic association, and the Iowa girls high school athletic 1 union shall establish a process whereby an extracurricular 2 interscholastic athletic contest can still take place when 3 a contest health care professional who was scheduled to be 4 present and available as provided in this section is not able 5 to be present and available due to unforeseen circumstances. 6 Sec. 2. Section 280.13C, subsection 4, Code 2016, is amended 7 by adding the following new paragraphs: 8 NEW PARAGRAPH . 0a. “Collision sport” means football, 9 soccer, or wrestling. 10 NEW PARAGRAPH . 00a. “Contact sport” means a sport that is 11 not a collision sport and that is defined as a contact sport by 12 the American academy of pediatrics. 13 NEW PARAGRAPH . 000a. “Contest health care professional” 14 means a physician licensed under chapter 148, physical 15 therapist licensed under chapter 148A, or athletic trainer 16 licensed under chapter 152D. 17 Sec. 3. IMPLEMENTATION OF ACT. Section 25B.2, subsection 18 3, shall not apply to this Act. 19 -2- SF 2225 (3) 86 je/rj/jh 2/ 2