Senate File 2285 - Reprinted SENATE FILE 2285 BY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RESOURCES (SUCCESSOR TO SF 2144) (As Amended and Passed by the Senate March 3, 2014 ) A BILL FOR An Act establishing an Iowa healthiest children initiative in 1 the department of public health and including effective date 2 provisions. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 SF 2285 (3) 85 jp/rj/jh
S.F. 2285 Section 1. NEW SECTION . 135.181 Iowa healthiest children 1 initiative. 2 1. The Iowa healthiest children initiative is established 3 in the department. The purpose of the initiative is to 4 develop and implement a plan for Iowa children to become the 5 healthiest children in the nation by January 1, 2020. The 6 areas of focus addressed by the initiative shall include 7 improvement of physical, dental, emotional, behavioral, and 8 mental health and wellness; access to basic needs such as food 9 security, appropriate nutrition, safe and quality child care 10 settings, and safe and stable housing, neighborhoods, and home 11 environments; and promotion of healthy, active lifestyles 12 by addressing adverse childhood events, reducing exposures 13 to environmental toxins, decreasing exposures to violence, 14 advancing tobacco-free and drug abuse-free living, increasing 15 immunization rates, and improving family well-being. 16 2. The department shall create a task force, including 17 members who are child health experts external to the 18 department, to develop an implementation plan to achieve the 19 purpose of the initiative. The implementation plan, including 20 findings, recommendations, performance benchmarks, data 21 collection provisions, budget needs, and other implementation 22 provisions shall be submitted to the governor and general 23 assembly on or before December 15, 2014. 24 Sec. 2. EFFECTIVE UPON ENACTMENT. This Act, being deemed of 25 immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment. 26 -1- SF 2285 (3) 85 jp/rj/jh 1/ 1