House File 245 - Reprinted HOUSE FILE 245 BY COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS (SUCCESSOR TO HF 8) (As Amended and Passed by the House March 11, 2013 ) A BILL FOR An Act appropriating moneys in the cigarette fire safety 1 standard fund and including effective date and retroactive 2 applicability provisions. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 HF 245 (4) 85 tm/sc/md
H.F. 245 Section 1. Section 101B.5, subsection 5, Code 2013, is 1 amended to read as follows: 2 5. For each cigarette listed in a certification, a 3 manufacturer shall pay a fee of one hundred dollars to the 4 department. The department shall deposit all fees received 5 pursuant to this subsection with the treasurer of state for 6 credit to the general fund of the state. 7 Sec. 2. Section 101B.8, Code 2013, is amended by adding the 8 following new subsection: 9 NEW SUBSECTION . 10. The department shall deposit any moneys 10 received from civil penalties assessed pursuant to this section 11 with the treasurer of state for credit to the general fund of 12 the state. 13 Sec. 3. Section 101B.9, Code 2013, is amended to read as 14 follows: 15 101B.9 Cigarette fire safety standard fund. 16 A cigarette fire safety standard fund is created as a 17 special fund in the state treasury under the control of the 18 department of public safety. The fund shall consist of all 19 moneys recovered from the assessment of civil penalties or 20 certification fees under this chapter . The moneys in the 21 fund shall, in In addition to any moneys made available for 22 such purpose, be available, subject to appropriation, moneys 23 in the fund are appropriated to the department of public 24 safety for the purpose of fire safety and prevention programs, 25 including for entry level fire fighter training, equipment, and 26 operations. 27 Sec. 4. REPEAL. Section 101B.9, Code 2013, is repealed. 28 Sec. 5. CIGARETTE FIRE SAFETY STANDARD FUND. 29 Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the 30 unencumbered or unobligated balance of the cigarette fire 31 safety standard fund at the close of the fiscal year beginning 32 July 1, 2012, or the close of any succeeding fiscal year, shall 33 be credited to the general fund of the state. 34 Sec. 6. EFFECTIVE UPON ENACTMENT. The following provision 35 -1- HF 245 (4) 85 tm/sc/md 1/ 2
H.F. 245 or provisions of this Act, being deemed of immediate 1 importance, take effect upon enactment: 2 1. The section of this Act amending section 101B.9. 3 2. The section of this Act providing for retroactive 4 applicability. 5 Sec. 7. RETROACTIVE APPLICABILITY. The following provision 6 or provisions of this Act apply retroactively to July 1, 2007: 7 1. The section of this Act amending section 101B.9. 8 -2- HF 245 (4) 85 tm/sc/md 2/ 2