House Resolution 6 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 6 BY WILLS , NORDMAN , P. THOMPSON , YOUNG , SORENSEN , RINKER , DUNWELL , GOLDING , GEHLBACH , HAYES , STOLTENBERG , M. THOMPSON , SHERMAN , ANDREWS , HORA , FISHER , MOORE , HENDERSON , GUSTOFF , and LUNDGREN A Resolution designating May 2023 as Jewish American 1 Heritage Month. 2 WHEREAS, in 1654, a small ship carrying 23 Jewish 3 refugees sailed into the present-day Port of New York 4 and New Jersey and became the first Jewish communal 5 presence to settle on American soil; and 6 WHEREAS, the Jewish refugees expanded the frontier 7 of religious freedoms that would help define the 8 bedrock principles of justice, equality, and freedom 9 upon which the United States of America was built; and 10 WHEREAS, many Jewish American survivors of the 11 Holocaust have dedicated their lives to fighting for 12 civil rights and educating future generations about the 13 dangers of bigotry and antisemitism and the resilience 14 of the human spirit; and 15 WHEREAS, the Jewish experience in America has 16 consistently reminded us that liberty and opportunity 17 ultimately triumph over prejudice and hate; and 18 WHEREAS, since 2006, Jewish American Heritage Month 19 is traditionally observed nationwide in May of each 20 year; and 21 WHEREAS, the United States is currently experiencing 22 a rise in antisemitism, and according to the American 23 Jewish Committee, one in four Jewish Americans has 24 experienced antisemitism this past year; and 25 -1- LSB 1067YH (5) 90 cm/rh 1/ 2
H.R. 6 WHEREAS, the Anti-Defamation League reports that 1 in 2021, antisemitic incidents reached an all-time 2 high across the United States with a total of 2,717 3 incidents of assault, harassment, and vandalism; and 4 WHEREAS, Jewish American Heritage Month acknowledges 5 the achievements of Jewish Americans in the military, 6 the arts, civil rights, education, entertainment, 7 history, law, literature, medicine, music, politics, 8 science, sports, and other areas; and 9 WHEREAS, Jewish American Heritage Month is a 10 time to reflect on the unique and important role of 11 Jewish Americans and to redouble efforts to combat 12 antisemitism; and 13 WHEREAS, in May, we honor the timeless traditions, 14 heritage, and contributions of Jewish Americans that 15 drive our progress as a nation each and every day; NOW 16 THEREFORE, 17 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 18 the House of Representatives designates the month of 19 May 2023 as Jewish American Heritage Month and invites 20 the citizens of Iowa to learn more about the heritage 21 and contributions of Jewish Americans and to observe 22 this month with appropriate programs, activities, and 23 ceremonies. 24 -2- LSB 1067YH (5) 90 cm/rh 2/ 2