Senate Resolution 5 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 5 BY CARLIN A Resolution honoring the work of Dr. Steven Meyer of 1 Sioux City, Iowa. 2 WHEREAS, Dr. Steven Meyer is a respected general 3 and pediatric orthopedic physician who has practiced 4 medicine in the Sioux City, Iowa, area for over 37 5 years; and 6 WHEREAS, since embarking on a three-week long 7 mission to Tanzania with his church in 1996, Dr. Meyer 8 has devoted his life to providing ongoing assistance to 9 Tanzania’s children, and to facilitating opportunities 10 for others to experience a life-changing journey to 11 Tanzania; and 12 WHEREAS, in 1997, Dr. Meyer and his wife, Dana 13 Meyer, founded Siouxland Tanzania Educational 14 Medical Ministries (STEMM) to assist in transporting 15 Americans to Tanzania to address the spiritual growth, 16 medical care needs, and educational opportunities of 17 Tanzanians; and 18 WHEREAS, due to Dr. Meyer’s work, STEMM has built 19 roads, bridges, classrooms, teacher housing, a birthing 20 center, and a fully staffed orphanage, and increased 21 the number of orthopedic surgeons in Tanzania from 8 22 to nearly 40; and 23 WHEREAS, Dr. Meyer has now completed 50 trips to 24 Tanzania; and 25 WHEREAS, in 2017, Dr. Meyer and his STEMM team 26 helped save the lives of 3 children involved in a fatal 27 bus accident in Arusha, Tanzania, by pulling them from 28 -1- LSB 2797XS (3) 89 dg/rn 1/ 2
S.R. 5 the crash and bringing them to Sioux City, Iowa; and 1 WHEREAS, in 2020, the American Academy of Orthopedic 2 Surgeons recognized Dr. Meyer’s efforts by awarding him 3 their humanitarian of the year award; NOW THEREFORE, 4 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate honors 5 Dr. Steven Meyer for his exemplary work in orthopedics 6 and his humanitarian aid over the past 25 years; and 7 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That upon passage of this 8 resolution, the Secretary of the Senate shall transmit 9 a copy of this resolution to Dr. Steven Meyer. 10 -2- LSB 2797XS (3) 89 dg/rn 2/ 2