Senate Resolution 111 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 111 BY COMMITTEE ON RULES AND ADMINISTRATION A Resolution honoring Senator Jim Lykam for his years 1 of service in the Iowa General Assembly. 2 WHEREAS, Senator Jim Lykam was born and raised in 3 Davenport, and graduated from Palmer Junior College 4 with an associate of arts degree in business; and 5 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam has spent his entire life 6 in the city of Davenport and knows the city like the 7 back of his hand, even as the city has changed over the 8 years to adapt to the dynamic Mississippi River; and 9 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam was first elected to the Iowa 10 House of Representatives in 1989, where he represented 11 portions of Davenport and Scott County nonconsecutively 12 for 16 years; and 13 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam was first elected to the Iowa 14 Senate in 2016 to represent District 45, which includes 15 part of the city of Davenport and southern Scott County 16 along the Mississippi River; and 17 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam’s civic service includes 18 membership on the Davenport Planning and Zoning 19 Commission and the Park and Recreation Advisory 20 Committee, which included service as the chairperson of 21 the baseball subcommittee; and 22 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam’s promotion of youth baseball 23 also included service as the vice president of the 24 Davenport Colt League and the manager of the West Pony 25 League; and 26 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam’s tenure in the General 27 Assembly included membership on the Appropriations, 28 -1- LSB 6260SV (7) 89 js/rn 1/ 3
S.R. 111 Natural Resources and Environment, State Government, 1 Transportation (Ranking Member), and Commerce (Ranking 2 Member) standing committees; the Administration and 3 Regulation Appropriations and the Transportation, 4 Infrastructure, and Capitals Appropriations (Ranking 5 Member) subcommittees; the Capital Projects Committee, 6 the Statewide Interoperable Communications System 7 Board, and the Care of Animals in Commercial 8 Enterprises Study Committee; and the Legislative 9 Council; and 10 WHEREAS, during the 73rd General Assembly, Senator 11 Lykam served on the House Committee on Natural 12 Resources and Outdoor Recreation, which sponsored 13 legislation that would create the Resources Enhancement 14 and Protection Fund, which has since invested millions 15 of dollars to expand environmental and recreational 16 opportunities in Iowa; and 17 WHEREAS, as a lifelong animal lover who as a kid 18 would bring home dogs and tell his mother that they 19 followed him home, Senator Lykam managed legislation 20 that required commercial establishments selling cats 21 and dogs to ensure that the establishments provided a 22 humane standard of care for such animals, and also led 23 efforts to pass legislation to help law enforcement 24 combat illegal dog fighting; and 25 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam supported legislation 26 to limit the ability of a person to purchase large 27 quantities of pseudoephedrine to prevent its use in 28 producing methamphetamine; and 29 WHEREAS, Senator Lykam’s legislative career has 30 -2- LSB 6260SV (7) 89 js/rn 2/ 3
S.R. 111 been exemplified by his support for efforts to expand 1 economic opportunities for his district, encourage 2 public health and safety, and promote the well-being 3 of animals; NOW THEREFORE, 4 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate honors 5 and thanks Senator Jim Lykam for his years of public 6 service in the Iowa General Assembly and wishes him all 7 the best as he spends more time with his wife, Barb, 8 their son, Jeff, and their dog, Sassy. 9 -3- LSB 6260SV (7) 89 js/rn 3/ 3