Senate Concurrent Resolution 104 - Introduced SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 104 BY JOCHUM , TRONE GARRIOTT , GIDDENS , QUIRMBACH , WAHLS , BOLKCOM , RAGAN , MATHIS , BOULTON , LYKAM , PETERSEN , CELSI , J. SMITH , KINNEY , DOTZLER , and T. TAYLOR A Concurrent Resolution calling upon the President of 1 the United States, the United States Congress, the 2 Governor, the executive branch of Iowa, and the Iowa 3 General Assembly to work to improve communities by 4 bolstering the care workforce. 5 WHEREAS, Iowans value care and caregiving and 6 recognize that the ability to care for one another 7 is the connective tissue of society, forming and 8 strengthening familial and community relationships, and 9 enabling people to participate to their fullest extent 10 in growing the economy; and 11 WHEREAS, people providing care services have 12 been at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis and are 13 increasingly recognized as essential workers who are 14 vital to the state and country’s infrastructure; and 15 WHEREAS, social and economic forces, including the 16 ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have irreversibly changed 17 how our families live, work, and provide care; and 18 WHEREAS, Iowa, with its large senior population 19 and number of families where both parents are in the 20 workforce, has a particular need for a strong care 21 infrastructure to enable all Iowans to live in dignity 22 and contribute to their communities and economy; and 23 WHEREAS, the needs of people with disabilities 24 have long been overlooked or marginalized in policy 25 solutions, often resulting in the inability to access 26 -1- LSB 6244SS (3) 89 dg/rn 1/ 4
S.C.R. 104 vital services and support necessary for maintaining 1 independence and dignity; and 2 WHEREAS, the need for a care workforce, including 3 child care, home and community care, and long-term 4 care, will only grow over time and represents a source 5 of employment at a time when many current jobs are 6 subject to automation; and 7 WHEREAS, the care workforce requires public sector 8 recognition, support, and investment to fulfill its 9 roles, but for too long has been taken for granted 10 and seriously under-resourced, under-invested, and 11 under-compensated; and 12 WHEREAS, investing in the care workforce can be 13 a key community-building strategy in both urban and 14 rural communities for women and people of color, who 15 are currently the people most likely to serve care 16 workforce roles and are most subject to economic 17 disadvantage and the impacts of COVID-19; and 18 WHEREAS, the care workforce undergirds our economy 19 and is the work that makes all other work possible; NOW 20 THEREFORE, 21 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, THE HOUSE OF 22 REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, That the General Assembly 23 of the State of Iowa calls upon the President of the 24 United States and the United States Congress to place 25 the strengthening of the care workforce as a high 26 priority and build upon actions in the American Rescue 27 Plan Act to allow for permanent increased funding of 28 the care workforce, including enhanced funding for home 29 and community-based services under Medicaid, funding 30 -2- LSB 6244SS (3) 89 dg/rn 2/ 4
S.C.R. 104 for community health care workers, funding to make 1 child care and preschool affordable to all families, 2 and funding to provide living wages for all those 3 providing care services; and 4 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the General Assembly 5 of the State of Iowa calls upon the President of 6 the United States and the United States Congress to 7 establish an essential worker bill of rights which 8 gives particular recognition to the ongoing and 9 post-pandemic needs of people in the care workforce as 10 they are essential to the economy; and 11 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the General Assembly 12 of the State of Iowa calls upon the President of the 13 United States and the United States Congress to work 14 to enact and implement necessary legislation for 15 a 21st century caregiving and education plan which 16 explicitly addresses the need for expanding access to a 17 broad array of long-term services and support in local 18 settings, ensures access to high-quality, affordable 19 child care and preschool, treats professional 20 caregivers and early childhood caregivers with respect 21 and dignity, gives care workforce personnel pay and 22 benefits they deserve, and provides for training and 23 career ladders to higher-paying jobs; and 24 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the General Assembly 25 of the State of Iowa calls upon the Governor and 26 the executive branch to collaborate with the General 27 Assembly to develop a state structure for effective 28 implementation of federal investments in the care 29 workforce and ensure strong oversight, transparency, 30 -3- LSB 6244SS (3) 89 dg/rn 3/ 4
S.C.R. 104 and accountability; and 1 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Iowa General 2 Assembly calls upon the Governor and the executive 3 branch to ensure representation and participation of 4 those in the care workforce and the people they serve 5 in the implementation, planning, and oversight of 6 federal investments in the care workforce; and 7 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the General Assembly 8 of the State of Iowa calls upon the Governor and 9 the executive branch to collaborate with the General 10 Assembly to ensure that Iowa Workforce Development, 11 the Department of Education, the Department of Public 12 Health, the Department of Inspections and Appeals, 13 the Department of Human Services, and the Department 14 on Aging, including Future Ready Iowa, place critical 15 importance on the care workforce as a part of the 16 state’s economy, report on their efforts to build 17 support for the care workforce, and take action with 18 assistance from the public to strengthen the care 19 workforce so it can provide the vast array of care 20 services Iowa will sorely need in the near future; and 21 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That upon passage of 22 this resolution, the Secretary of the Senate shall 23 transmit copies of this resolution to the President 24 of the United States, the President of the United 25 States Senate, the Speaker of the United States 26 House of Representatives, and each member of Iowa’s 27 congressional delegation. 28 -4- LSB 6244SS (3) 89 dg/rn 4/ 4