House Resolution 109 - Introduced HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 109 BY BLOOMINGDALE , HANSEN , MOORE , JACOBSEN , BACON , ANDREWS , SUNDE , STECKMAN , SHIPLEY , BRADLEY , GRABER , DOLECHECK , BEST , BOSSMAN , GRASSLEY , KERR , BERGAN , LOHSE , and JUDGE A Resolution honoring the achievements and 1 contributions of Gene Elliott. 2 WHEREAS, Mr. Gene Elliott, a senior amateur golfer, 3 is a resident of West Des Moines, Iowa, and an Iowa 4 native, having been born in Fairfield, Iowa; and 5 WHEREAS, the State of Iowa has an unparalleled 6 interest in the game of golf, as evidenced by having 7 more golf courses per capita than any other state, and 8 the most nine-hole golf courses in the nation; and 9 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott has distinguished himself 10 as being the top-ranked senior amateur golfer in 11 the United States and in the world as of January 14, 12 2022; and 13 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott accomplished a feat only 14 achieved by two other individuals in the history of 15 golf by winning the Canadian Senior Amateur in 2020, 16 the British Senior Amateur Championship in 2021, and 17 the United States Senior Amateur in 2021; and 18 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott has won dozens of other state 19 and national golf tournaments; and 20 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott was recently recognized in the 21 national publication “Golfweek” and named the 2021 22 Yancey Ford Award winner for significant contributions 23 to senior amateur golf; and 24 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott has been a great ambassador 25 -1- LSB 6229HH (2) 89 cm/rn 1/ 2
H.R. 109 for the State of Iowa and the United States, playing 1 nationally and internationally and gaining the respect 2 of golfers throughout the world; and 3 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott has had an impact well beyond 4 the Hawkeye State and developed friendships throughout 5 the world of golf; and 6 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott was inducted into the Iowa Golf 7 Association Hall of Fame in 2012; and 8 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott has been a role model for 9 thousands of golfers throughout the State of Iowa 10 and the United States by conducting himself in a 11 gentlemanly manner with civility during national and 12 international competitions; and 13 WHEREAS, Mr. Elliott has promoted the game of 14 golf on a state, national, and international level 15 encouraging youth to play by the rules and be civil 16 while in competition; NOW THEREFORE, 17 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That 18 the House of Representatives recognizes and honors Mr. 19 Gene Elliott for his numerous accomplishments while 20 promoting the game of golf, for emphasizing civility 21 and the importance of playing by the rules, and for 22 being an ambassador for the State of Iowa throughout 23 the United States and the world; and 24 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That upon passage of 25 this resolution the Chief Clerk of the House of 26 Representatives shall provide a copy of this resolution 27 to Mr. Elliott. 28 -2- LSB 6229HH (2) 89 cm/rn 2/ 2