House File 522 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 522 BY COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE (SUCCESSOR TO HF 287) A BILL FOR An Act providing that a qualified confinement feeding operation 1 may utilize an anaerobic digester system to treat manure, 2 and making penalties applicable. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 2280HV (3) 89 da/ns
H.F. 522 Section 1. Section 459.102, Code 2021, is amended by adding 1 the following new subsection: 2 NEW SUBSECTION . 1A. “Anaerobic digester system” means 3 a manure storage structure that is covered, if the primary 4 function of the manure storage structure is to process manure 5 by employing environmental conditions including bacteria to 6 break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen, and is used 7 for producing, collecting, and utilizing a biogas. 8 Sec. 2. Section 459.206, subsection 2, Code 2021, is amended 9 by adding the following new paragraph: 10 NEW PARAGRAPH . c. A qualified confinement feeding operation 11 that processes manure using an anaerobic digester system. 12 EXPLANATION 13 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 14 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 15 GENERAL. This bill amends provisions in Code chapter 459, 16 the “Animal Agriculture Compliance Act” (Act) (Code section 17 459.101) and specifically subchapter II which regulates 18 air quality. The department of natural resources (DNR) 19 regulates confinement feeding operations (operations) including 20 associated structures. The bill provides that a qualified 21 confinement feeding operation (qualified operation) may store 22 and process manure from the qualified operation using an 23 anaerobic digester system (digester). The digester would be 24 an alternative to the current requirement that a qualified 25 operation must utilize a manure storage structure that (1) 26 employs bacterial action, (2) is maintained by the utilization 27 of air or oxygen, and (3) includes aeration equipment (amended 28 Code section 459.206). A digester is a covered manure storage 29 structure having a primary function to process manure by 30 utilizing bacteria to break down organic matter in the absence 31 of oxygen for purposes of producing, collecting, and utilizing 32 a biogas. 33 SPECIAL TERMS. An operation is a roofed area in which 34 animals used in agricultural production are kept for 45 days or 35 -1- LSB 2280HV (3) 89 da/ns 1/ 2
H.F. 522 more in any 12-month period (Code section 459.102(4) and (14)). 1 A qualified operation refers to an operation meeting a certain 2 animal unit (AU) capacity (AUC) threshold (e.g., for a swine 3 farrow-to-finish operation, 5,400 or more AUs, and for a cattle 4 operation, 8,500 or more AUs) (Code section 459.102(46)). In 5 calculating the AU, a special equivalency factor is assigned 6 for each classification of confined animal (Code section 7 459.102(6) and (7)). For example, swine weighing more than 8 55 pounds equal .40 AU each and slaughter or feeder cattle 9 equal 1.00 AU each. A manure storage structure may be a formed 10 or unformed structure which is part of an operation subject 11 to a number of regulations including separation distance 12 requirements (Code sections 459.202 and 459.203), permitting 13 requirements (Code section 459.303), and construction 14 requirements (Code section 459.306 and 459.307). 15 ENFORCEMENT AND APPLICABLE CIVIL PENALTIES. Compliance with 16 a statutory regulation under the Act includes compliance with a 17 rule adopted by DNR (Code section 459.103). A civil penalty 18 assessed for an air quality violation of the Act (Code section 19 459.602) cannot exceed $10,000 for each violation (Code section 20 455B.109). 21 -2- LSB 2280HV (3) 89 da/ns 2/ 2