House File 2255 - Introduced HOUSE FILE 2255 BY ISENHART A BILL FOR An Act creating a state park infrastructure program to support 1 vertical infrastructure projects by the department of 2 natural resources, making appropriations, and including 3 effective date provisions. 4 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 5 TLSB 5561YH (3) 89 da/ns
H.F. 2255 Section 1. NEW SECTION . 8.57D State park infrastructure 1 program —— appropriation. 2 1. As used in this section, unless the context otherwise 3 requires: 4 a. “Department” means the department of natural resources. 5 b. “Infrastructure” means vertical infrastructure as 6 described in section 8.57, subsection 5, paragraph “c” . 7 c. “Program” means the state park infrastructure program 8 created in this section. 9 2. A state park infrastructure program is created under the 10 management of the department. 11 3. The purpose of the program is to finance infrastructure 12 projects at existing state parks and other existing public 13 facilities managed by the department. The projects must 14 be for a major renovation or major repair of existing 15 infrastructure or the construction of new infrastructure. 16 However, the department shall not finance the new construction 17 of infrastructure, unless any of the following apply: 18 a. There is an increased demand for the infrastructure. 19 b. It is not cost effective to repair or renovate the 20 existing infrastructure. 21 4. Notwithstanding section 8.57G, subsection 2, there is 22 appropriated from the Iowa coronavirus fiscal recovery fund to 23 the department for each fiscal year of the period beginning 24 July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2023, ten million dollars 25 to support the program. Of the amount appropriated in this 26 section, two million dollars shall be allocated for each of 27 the fiscal years to support the maintenance and restoration of 28 state-owned housing in state parks, state forests, and state 29 preserves to be used for purposes of providing for emergency 30 response capabilities. 31 5. Notwithstanding section 8.33, unencumbered or 32 unobligated moneys appropriated to the department under this 33 section that are remaining at the end of a fiscal year shall 34 not revert but shall remain available for expenditure by the 35 -1- LSB 5561YH (3) 89 da/ns 1/ 3
H.F. 2255 department during the following fiscal year to support the 1 purpose of the program. 2 6. The department shall submit a report to the governor 3 and general assembly not later than January 10 of each year 4 detailing how moneys received by the department to finance 5 completed and ongoing projects described in this section 6 were expended and how moneys expected to be received by the 7 department in future years to finance those projects are 8 planned to be expended. 9 7. This section is repealed July 1, 2023. 10 Sec. 2. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Act, being deemed of immediate 11 importance, takes effect upon enactment. 12 EXPLANATION 13 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 14 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 15 PROGRAM. This bill creates a state park infrastructure 16 program (program) under the management of the department of 17 natural resources (DNR). The program is to finance certain 18 projects at existing state parks and other existing public 19 facilities managed by DNR. The projects must be for major 20 repairs or major renovations of existing infrastructure 21 unless new construction is justified on the basis of either an 22 increase in demand or that the major repair or renovation would 23 not be cost effective. DNR must submit an annual report to 24 the governor and general assembly detailing past expenditures 25 used to finance completed or ongoing projects and planned 26 expenditures to finance future projects. The program is 27 eliminated on July 1, 2023. 28 IOWA CORONAVIRUS FISCAL RECOVERY FUND —— APPROPRIATIONS. 29 The bill appropriates $10 million from the Iowa coronavirus 30 fiscal recovery fund (Code section 8.57G) to DNR each fiscal 31 year for a two-year period beginning July 1, 2021, and ending 32 June 30, 2023, to support the program. For each of the fiscal 33 years, $2 million is allocated for state-owned housing in 34 state parks, state forests, and state preserves. As used in 35 -2- LSB 5561YH (3) 89 da/ns 2/ 3
H.F. 2255 the bill, infrastructure refers to vertical infrastructure 1 which includes items such as land, structures, utilities, and 2 recreational trails, but excludes operational expenses (Code 3 section 8.57(5)(c)). 4 BACKGROUND. In 2021, the general assembly enacted H.F. 895 5 (2021 Iowa Acts, chapter 172, sections 24 and 25). That Act 6 creates two funds enacted in Code sections 8.57G and 8.57H, 7 under the authority of the office of the governor, consisting 8 of moneys received by the state under the federal American 9 Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for state fiscal recovery and capital 10 projects. The moneys are appropriated to the office of the 11 governor for use in accordance with requirements mirroring the 12 requirements set forth in the ARPA. The provisions creating 13 the funds are repealed July 1, 2025. 14 EFFECTIVE DATE. The bill takes effect upon enactment. 15 -3- LSB 5561YH (3) 89 da/ns 3/ 3