Senate Study Bill 3088 - Introduced SENATE FILE _____ BY (PROPOSED COMMITTEE ON STATE GOVERNMENT BILL BY CHAIRPERSON SMITH) A BILL FOR An Act eliminating the board of sign language interpreters and 1 transliterators and license requirements for sign language 2 interpreters and transliterators, and including transition 3 provisions. 4 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 5 TLSB 5756XC (2) 88 ss/rh
S.F. _____ Section 1. Section 147.1, subsections 3 and 6, Code 2020, 1 are amended to read as follows: 2 3. “Licensed” or “certified” , when applied to a physician 3 and surgeon, podiatric physician, osteopathic physician and 4 surgeon, genetic counselor, physician assistant, psychologist, 5 chiropractor, nurse, dentist, dental hygienist, dental 6 assistant, optometrist, speech pathologist, audiologist, 7 pharmacist, physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, 8 occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistant, 9 orthotist, prosthetist, pedorthist, respiratory care 10 practitioner, practitioner of cosmetology arts and sciences, 11 practitioner of barbering, funeral director, dietitian, 12 behavior analyst, assistant behavior analyst, marital and 13 family therapist, mental health counselor, respiratory 14 care and polysomnography practitioner, polysomnographic 15 technologist, social worker, massage therapist, athletic 16 trainer, acupuncturist, nursing home administrator, or hearing 17 aid specialist , or sign language interpreter or transliterator 18 means a person licensed under this subtitle . 19 6. “Profession” means medicine and surgery, podiatry, 20 osteopathic medicine and surgery, genetic counseling, practice 21 as a physician assistant, psychology, chiropractic, nursing, 22 dentistry, dental hygiene, dental assisting, optometry, speech 23 pathology, audiology, pharmacy, physical therapy, physical 24 therapist assisting, occupational therapy, occupational therapy 25 assisting, respiratory care, cosmetology arts and sciences, 26 barbering, mortuary science, applied behavior analysis, marital 27 and family therapy, mental health counseling, polysomnography, 28 social work, dietetics, massage therapy, athletic training, 29 acupuncture, nursing home administration, practice as a hearing 30 aid specialist, sign language interpreting or transliterating, 31 orthotics, prosthetics, or pedorthics. 32 Sec. 2. Section 147.2, subsection 1, Code 2020, is amended 33 to read as follows: 34 1. A person shall not engage in the practice of medicine 35 -1- LSB 5756XC (2) 88 ss/rh 1/ 3
S.F. _____ and surgery, podiatry, osteopathic medicine and surgery, 1 genetic counseling, psychology, chiropractic, physical 2 therapy, physical therapist assisting, nursing, dentistry, 3 dental hygiene, dental assisting, optometry, speech pathology, 4 audiology, occupational therapy, occupational therapy 5 assisting, orthotics, prosthetics, pedorthics, respiratory 6 care, pharmacy, cosmetology arts and sciences, barbering, 7 social work, dietetics, applied behavior analysis, marital 8 and family therapy or mental health counseling, massage 9 therapy, mortuary science, polysomnography, athletic training, 10 acupuncture, or nursing home administration, or sign language 11 interpreting or transliterating, or shall not practice as a 12 physician assistant or a hearing aid specialist, unless the 13 person has obtained a license for that purpose from the board 14 for the profession. 15 Sec. 3. Section 147.13, subsection 21, Code 2020, is amended 16 by striking the subsection. 17 Sec. 4. Section 147.14, subsection 1, paragraph u, Code 18 2020, is amended by striking the paragraph. 19 Sec. 5. Section 147.74, subsection 23, Code 2020, is amended 20 by striking the subsection. 21 Sec. 6. Section 272C.1, subsection 6, paragraph ac, Code 22 2020, is amended by striking the paragraph. 23 Sec. 7. REPEAL. Chapter 154E, Code 2020, is repealed. 24 Sec. 8. TRANSITION PROVISIONS. 25 1. All moneys in a dedicated fund of the board of sign 26 language interpreters and transliterators shall be transferred 27 to the general fund of the state on the effective date of this 28 Act. 29 2. The property and records in the custody of the board 30 of sign language interpreters and transliterators shall be 31 transferred to the department of administrative services on the 32 effective date of this Act. 33 3. Any cause or action, claim, or obligation against the 34 board of sign language interpreters and transliterators in 35 -2- LSB 5756XC (2) 88 ss/rh 2/ 3
S.F. _____ existence on the effective date of this Act shall not be 1 affected as a result of this Act. 2 4. An administrative hearing or court proceeding arising 3 out of an enforcement action under chapter 154E or related 4 administrative rules pending on the effective date of this Act 5 shall not be affected by this Act. Any cause of action or 6 statute of limitation relating to an action taken by the board 7 of sign language interpreters and transliterators shall not be 8 affected by this Act and such cause of action or statute of 9 limitation shall apply to the department of public health. 10 EXPLANATION 11 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 12 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 13 This bill repeals Code chapter 154E, imposing licensing 14 requirements on persons applying to practice sign language 15 interpreting or transliterating in Iowa. The bill also 16 repeals the Code section creating the board of sign language 17 interpreters and transliterators and removes Code references to 18 the board of sign language interpreters and transliterators. 19 The bill includes transition provisions for the disposition 20 of funds and property in the possession of the board of sign 21 language interpreters and transliterators and continues any 22 cause of action, administrative hearing, court proceeding, 23 claim, and obligation against the board of sign language 24 interpreters and transliterators in existence as of the 25 effective date of the bill. 26 -3- LSB 5756XC (2) 88 ss/rh 3/ 3