Senate Study Bill 1169 - Introduced SENATE FILE _____ BY (PROPOSED COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE BILL BY CHAIRPERSON ZUMBACH) A BILL FOR An Act relating to the definition of “circus” and making 1 penalties applicable. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 3 TLSB 2461XC (1) 88 js/rn
S.F. _____ Section 1. Section 717F.1, subsection 3, paragraph b, 1 subparagraph (2), Code 2019, is amended to read as follows: 2 (2) Entertainment that involves an activity in which a 3 member of the public is in close proximity to the dangerous 4 wild animal, including but not limited to a contest , or a 5 photographic opportunity , or a controlled ride on an animal 6 defined in subsection 5, paragraph “a” , subparagraph (6) . 7 EXPLANATION 8 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 9 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 10 This bill expands exclusions to the definition of “circus” 11 to include a controlled ride on an elephant. 12 Under current law, a circus is exempt from certain 13 possession and registration requirements of dangerous wild 14 animals pursuant to Code chapter 717F. An elephant is 15 considered a dangerous wild animal pursuant to Code section 16 717F.1. Under the bill, a person who owns or possesses an 17 elephant for the purpose of offering controlled rides on the 18 elephant shall not be considered to qualify as a circus, and if 19 not otherwise meeting an exemption listed in Code chapter 717F 20 is subject to a civil penalty of not less than $200 and not more 21 than $2,000 for each wild animal involved in the violation. 22 -1- LSB 2461XC (1) 88 js/rn 1/ 1