Senate Resolution 30 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 30 BY NUNN , DAWSON , R. TAYLOR , and ZAUN A Resolution congratulating Major General Timothy Orr 1 on his retirement as the Adjutant General of the 2 Iowa National Guard and thanking him for his more 3 than 40 years of military service to his state and 4 nation. 5 WHEREAS, Maj. Gen. Orr enlisted in the Iowa Army 6 National Guard in 1978 while still a senior at Boone 7 High School and rose through its ranks to lead the 8 9,000-member organization during a significant time in 9 its history; and 10 WHEREAS, Maj. Gen. Orr was originally appointed 11 Adjutant General by then-Governor Chet Culver in March 12 2009, and he continued to serve in that position during 13 both the Branstad and Reynolds administrations; and 14 WHEREAS, during his tenure, Maj. Gen. Orr oversaw 15 the continued transition of the National Guard from 16 a strategic reserve to an operational force, which 17 brought about unique challenges and opportunities for 18 today’s citizen-soldiers and airmen; and 19 WHEREAS, Maj. Gen. Orr oversaw the state’s largest 20 federal mobilization since World War II in 2009-2010 21 when the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry 22 Division, deployed 2,800 soldiers to Afghanistan and 23 was responsible for the mobilization, deployment, 24 and training of another 4,200 soldiers and airmen in 25 support of overseas contingency operations during his 26 time as the Adjutant General; and 27 WHEREAS, in what Maj. Gen. Orr called his no-fail 28 -1- LSB 2829XS (3) 88 as/rn 1/ 2
S.R. 30 mission, he led multiple National Guard disaster 1 response efforts in Iowa and sent Iowa National Guard 2 soldiers and airmen to support disasters in other 3 states through mutual support agreements; and 4 WHEREAS, after the U.S. Air Force pulled F-16 5 fighter aircraft from the 132nd Airbase in Des Moines, 6 Maj. Gen. Orr worked closely with state and federal 7 leaders to secure additional missions for the wing, 8 resulting in a multitude of new operations, including 9 an intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance 10 group, and remotely piloted aircraft and cyber defense 11 squadrons; and 12 WHEREAS, in 2013, following a reduction in military 13 personnel serving overseas and on active duty, Maj. 14 Gen. Orr conceived the Home Base Iowa program to 15 attract high-quality veterans and their families to 16 the state to continue their military service in the 17 National Guard and help fill critical labor shortages 18 at Iowa-based employers; and 19 WHEREAS, after more than 40 years of service to 20 his state and nation, and 10 years as the Adjutant 21 General of the Iowa National Guard, Maj. Gen. Timothy 22 Orr announced his plans to retire effective May 1, 23 2019; NOW THEREFORE, 24 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That all Iowans on the 25 occasion of Major General Timothy Orr’s retirement, 26 proudly congratulate him on achieving this significant 27 milestone, and are honored to stand beside him as he 28 finishes his more than 40-year military career devoted 29 to the State of Iowa and the United States of America. 30 -2- LSB 2829XS (3) 88 as/rn 2/ 2