Senate Resolution 17 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 17 BY GIDDENS , JOHNSON , and DOTZLER A Resolution recognizing and congratulating Drew 1 Foster on winning the 2019 National Collegiate 2 Athletic Association Division I Wrestling National 3 Championship in the 184-pound weight class. 4 WHEREAS, Drew Foster became the University of 5 Northern Iowa’s (UNI) first national champion at the 6 2019 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 7 I Wrestling Championships since 2000; and 8 WHEREAS, Foster is a native of Burlington, Iowa, and 9 graduated from Mediapolis High School; and 10 WHEREAS, Foster is the son of Don and Karissa Foster 11 and has a brother, Klay Foster; and 12 WHEREAS, in high school, Foster was a four-sport 13 student-athlete, competing in football, wrestling, 14 track, and soccer; and 15 WHEREAS, Foster set several wrestling records and 16 achieved numerous wrestling awards in high school 17 including a six-second pin that broke his high 18 school record and a single-season win record with 54 19 victories; and 20 WHEREAS, Foster was a three-time high school 21 wrestling state medalist placing second as a senior, 22 seventh as a junior, and third as a sophomore; and 23 WHEREAS, Foster continued his wrestling career by 24 attending and becoming a wrestler at UNI; and 25 WHEREAS, as a senior at UNI, Foster lost just 26 five matches all year, including a loss to the other 27 national championship finalist at the 184-pound weight 28 -1- LSB 2804SS (3) 88 mo/rn 1/ 3
S.R. 17 class, Max Dean; and 1 WHEREAS, prior to this year’s national championship 2 tournament, Foster had won one of his three matches 3 against Max Dean; and 4 WHEREAS, during this year’s national championship, 5 Foster defeated four top-15 opponents and earned bonus 6 points in his opening rounds to help UNI secure its 7 best team finish since 2003; and 8 WHEREAS, Foster received his second All-American 9 honor this year, recognizing the top eight placers at 10 the national championship, to go along with his first 11 All-American received in 2017; and 12 WHEREAS, Foster is among 14 other wrestlers who have 13 now combined for 22 wrestling titles at UNI; and 14 WHEREAS, Foster is UNI’s first wrestler to be a 15 two-time Big 12 champion; and 16 WHEREAS, Foster earned All-Big 12 academic honors 17 this year; and 18 WHEREAS, Foster will finish with a 95-35 career 19 record, 29-15 record in duals, and a 10-2 record in Big 20 12 duals at UNI; and 21 WHEREAS, Foster is following in his mother’s 22 footsteps as an elementary and mid-level education 23 major in hopes of someday becoming a school principal 24 or school district superintendent; and 25 WHEREAS, Foster intends to pursue wrestling 26 professionally while finishing his student teaching at 27 UNI in the fall of 2019; NOW THEREFORE, 28 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate 29 recognizes and congratulates Drew Foster on his 30 -2- LSB 2804SS (3) 88 mo/rn 2/ 3
S.R. 17 outstanding achievements at the 2019 National 1 Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Wrestling 2 Championship by placing first in the 184-pound weight 3 class. 4 -3- LSB 2804SS (3) 88 mo/rn 3/ 3