Senate Resolution 13 - Introduced SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 13 BY NUNN , BEHN , KINNEY , EDLER , KAPUCIAN , DOTZLER , and JOHNSON A Resolution honoring and recognizing the special 1 relationship between Taiwan and the State of Iowa. 2 WHEREAS, the State of Iowa is proud of the 3 sister-state relationship it has enjoyed with Taiwan 4 since 1989, which is marked by strong bilateral trade, 5 educational and cultural exchanges, and tourism; and 6 WHEREAS, the United States ranks as Taiwan’s 7 third-largest importer, and Taiwan is the United 8 States’ 15th largest export destination, making Taiwan 9 the United States’ 11th largest trading partner, with 10 total bilateral trade reaching $68.8 billion as of 11 November 2018; and 12 WHEREAS, Taiwan and the State of Iowa have enjoyed 13 a long and mutually beneficial relationship and 14 anticipate continuing growth, with Taiwan ranking 15 as Iowa’s 6th largest export destination in Asia as 16 of November 2018, with $193.9 million worth of Iowa 17 goods shipped to Taiwan, including meat, soybeans, and 18 animal feeds; agricultural chemicals; and miscellaneous 19 manufactured commodities, including precision 20 instruments and avionics; and 21 WHEREAS, negotiating for a bilateral trade 22 agreement between Taiwan and the United States is an 23 important step toward further strengthening bilateral 24 trade between the State of Iowa and Taiwan, thereby 25 increasing Iowa’s exports to Taiwan and creating 26 investment and technical collaboration through tariff 27 -1- LSB 2796SS (3) 88 kh/rn 1/ 2
S.R. 13 reduction and other trade facilitation measures; and 1 WHEREAS, Taiwan has undertaken a policy of 2 “steadfast diplomacy” regarding international 3 relations and is capable of and willing to fulfill its 4 responsibilities and to collaborate with the world to 5 deal with the challenges of humanitarian aid, disease 6 control, and other important issues; NOW THEREFORE, 7 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate 8 memorializes the 30th anniversary of the Iowa-Taiwan 9 sister-state relationship and the 40th anniversary 10 of the United States Congress’s enactment of the 11 Taiwan Relations Act; reaffirms its commitment to 12 strengthening the sister-state relationship between 13 Taiwan and the State of Iowa; and endorses Taiwan’s 14 efforts to secure a favorable trade relationship with 15 the United States; and 16 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of 17 the Senate is hereby directed to send copies of this 18 Resolution to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office 19 in Chicago, Illinois. 20 -2- LSB 2796SS (3) 88 kh/rn 2/ 2