Senate File 614 - Introduced SENATE FILE 614 BY COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS (SUCCESSOR TO SF 427) (SUCCESSOR TO SSB 1182) A BILL FOR An Act relating to the powers and duties of the department 1 of agriculture and land stewardship, by changing the name 2 of the weather bureau, modifying provisions applicable 3 to demonstration projects involving alternative fuels, 4 transferring certain Code sections, providing for the use of 5 certain appropriated moneys for surface water quality, and 6 eliminating certain watershed demonstration pilot projects. 7 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 8 TLSB 1209SZ (2) 88 da/rn
S.F. 614 DIVISION I 1 NAME CHANGE —— WEATHER BUREAU TO CLIMATOLOGY BUREAU 2 Section 1. Section 159.5, subsection 4, Code 2019, is 3 amended to read as follows: 4 4. Maintain a weather climatology bureau which shall, 5 in cooperation with the national weather service, collect 6 and disseminate weather and phenological statistics and 7 meteorological data, and promote knowledge of meteorology, 8 phenology, and climatology of the state. The bureau shall be 9 headed by the state climatologist who shall be appointed by 10 the secretary of agriculture, and shall be an officer of the 11 national weather service, if one is detailed for that purpose 12 by the federal government. 13 DIVISION II 14 AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION 15 COMMERCIAL FEED —— LICENSING 16 Sec. 2. Section 198.4, subsection 4, Code 2019, is amended 17 to read as follows: 18 4. A person obtaining a license under this section shall 19 pay to the secretary a license fee of twenty dollars. The fee 20 shall be paid by July 1 and the license shall expire two years 21 after that on July 1 of the odd-numbered year following the 22 date the license is issued . A license may be renewed for a 23 two-year period as provided by the department. 24 FERTILIZERS AND CROP CONDITIONERS —— LICENSING 25 Sec. 3. Section 200.4, subsection 1, Code 2019, is amended 26 to read as follows: 27 1. Any person who manufactures, mixes, blends, mixes to 28 customer’s order, offers for sale, sells, or distributes any 29 fertilizer or soil conditioner in this state must first obtain 30 a license issued by the secretary and pay a twenty dollar 31 license fee for each place of manufacture or distribution 32 from which fertilizer or soil conditioner products are sold 33 or distributed in this state. The license shall expire on 34 the first day July 1 of the second July even-numbered year 35 -1- LSB 1209SZ (2) 88 da/rn 1/ 5
S.F. 614 following the date of issue the license is issued . A license 1 may be renewed for a two-year period as provided by the 2 department. 3 BULK DRY ANIMAL NUTRIENT PRODUCTS —— LICENSING 4 Sec. 4. Section 200A.5, Code 2019, is amended to read as 5 follows: 6 200A.5 License. 7 A person who distributes a bulk dry animal nutrient product 8 in this state must first obtain a license from the department. 9 A license application must be submitted to the department on 10 a form furnished by the department according to procedures 11 required by the department. A license shall expire on July 1 12 of each the even-numbered year following the date the license 13 is issued . A license may be renewed for a two-year period as 14 provided by the department. 15 Sec. 5. Section 200A.9, subsection 1, Code 2019, is amended 16 to read as follows: 17 1. A person required to obtain a license as provided in 18 section 200A.5 shall pay the department a ten dollar fee 19 equal to twenty dollars for each place from which the person 20 distributes a bulk product is distributed in this state. 21 DIVISION III 22 WEIGHTS AND MEASURES 23 MOTOR FUEL 24 Sec. 6. Section 214A.1, Code 2019, is amended by adding the 25 following new subsection: 26 NEW SUBSECTION . 9A. “Department” means the department of 27 agriculture and land stewardship. 28 Sec. 7. Section 214A.19, subsection 1, unnumbered paragraph 29 1, Code 2019, is amended to read as follows: 30 The department of natural resources , conditioned upon the 31 availability of funds moneys , is authorized to may award 32 demonstration grants to persons who purchase vehicles which 33 operate on alternative fuels, including but not limited to 34 E-85 gasoline, biodiesel, compressed natural gas, electricity, 35 -2- LSB 1209SZ (2) 88 da/rn 2/ 5
S.F. 614 solar energy, or hydrogen. A grant shall be for the purpose 1 of conducting research connected with the fuel or the vehicle, 2 and not for the purchase of the vehicle itself, except that the 3 money may be used for the purchase of the vehicle if all of the 4 following conditions are satisfied: 5 COMMERCIAL WEIGHING AND MEASURING DEVICES 6 Sec. 8. CODE EDITOR DIRECTIVE. 7 1. The Code editor is directed to make the following 8 transfers: 9 a. Section 215.26 to section 215.1. 10 b. Section 215.1 to section 215.1A. 11 2. The Code editor shall correct internal references in the 12 Code and in any enacted legislation as necessary due to the 13 enactment of this section. 14 DIVISION IV 15 WATER QUALITY 16 GROUNDWATER PROTECTION FUND 17 Sec. 9. Section 455E.11, subsection 2, paragraph b, 18 subparagraph (3), subparagraph division (d), Code 2019, is 19 amended to read as follows: 20 (d) (i) Thirteen percent of the moneys is appropriated 21 annually to the department of agriculture and land stewardship 22 for financial incentive programs related to agricultural 23 drainage wells and sinkholes, for studies and administrative 24 costs relating to sinkholes and agricultural drainage 25 wells programs. Of the moneys allocated for financial 26 incentive programs, the department may reimburse landowners 27 for engineering costs associated with voluntarily closing 28 agricultural drainage wells. The financial incentives 29 allocated for voluntary closing of agricultural drainage wells 30 shall be provided on a cost-share basis which shall not exceed 31 fifty percent of the estimated cost or fifty percent of the 32 actual cost, whichever is less. Engineering costs do not 33 include construction costs, including costs associated with 34 earth moving. 35 -3- LSB 1209SZ (2) 88 da/rn 3/ 5
S.F. 614 (ii) Notwithstanding subparagraph subdivision (i), the 1 department of agriculture and land stewardship may use all or 2 a portion of the moneys appropriated in that subparagraph to 3 support programs, projects, and activities related to improving 4 the quality of surface water as well as groundwater. 5 WATERSHED PLANNING 6 Sec. 10. REPEAL. Section 466B.32, Code 2019, is repealed. 7 EXPLANATION 8 The inclusion of this explanation does not constitute agreement with 9 the explanation’s substance by the members of the general assembly. 10 GENERAL. This bill relates to the powers and duties of 11 the department of agriculture and land stewardship (DALS) and 12 in certain circumstances impacts the department of natural 13 resources (DNR). 14 NAME CHANGE —— WEATHER BUREAU TO CLIMATOLOGY BUREAU. The 15 bill changes the name of the agency’s weather bureau to 16 climatology bureau to correspond to current practice. 17 AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION —— LICENSES —— COMMERCIAL FEED, 18 FERTILIZERS AND CROP CONDITIONERS, AND BULK DRY ANIMAL NUTRIENT 19 PRODUCTS. The bill amends a number of provisions in various 20 Code chapters providing for the issuance of licenses to 21 manufacturers or distributors of commercial feed, manufacturers 22 of fertilizers and soil conditioners, and distributors of bulk 23 dry animal nutrient products. In the case of licenses for 24 commercial feed and of fertilizers and soil conditioners, a 25 license remains valid for a two-year period. For commercial 26 feed, the license would expire on July 1 of each odd-numbered 27 year and for fertilizers and soil conditioners, the license 28 would expire on July 1 of an even-numbered year. In the case of 29 bulk dry animal nutrient products, the license would for be for 30 a two-year rather than one-year period expiring on July 1 of 31 each even-numbered year. The license fee would increase from 32 $10 to $20 for each place of distribution. 33 WEIGHTS AND MEASURES —— MOTOR VEHICLE FUEL. The bill 34 provides that DALS rather than DNR may award demonstration 35 -4- LSB 1209SZ (2) 88 da/rn 4/ 5
S.F. 614 grants to persons who purchase motor vehicles operated using 1 alternative fuels. 2 WEIGHTS AND MEASURES —— COMMERCIAL WEIGHING AND MEASURING 3 DEVICES —— RELOCATION. The bill requires the Code editor to 4 transfer certain Code sections (e.g., definitional section) 5 relating to the regulation of commercial weighing and measuring 6 devices for purposes of enhancing readability. 7 WATER QUALITY —— GROUNDWATER PROTECTION FUND. The bill 8 amends a provision which allocates moneys to DALS from the 9 agriculture management account of the groundwater protection 10 fund. It authorizes DALS to use any of those moneys to support 11 programs, projects, and activities related to improving the 12 quality of surface water or groundwater. 13 WATER QUALITY —— WATERSHED PLANNING. The bill eliminates a 14 provision that authorizes DALS and DNR to establish one or more 15 watershed demonstration projects. 16 -5- LSB 1209SZ (2) 88 da/rn 5/ 5